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  • Feb 12

    Ugh, I just typed this long reply and hit the "leave a comment" button on the bottom right. Wrong button.
    I took my training from someone who lives in No. Cal. and she has been a foot care nurse for 17+ years, mostly on her own. Hopefully someone from cali will chime in here and give you particulars since I wouldn't want you to rely on my info.
    I live in Idaho and I work within my scope according to our BON. I am providing for activities of daily living, for which I was taught to do in my general nursing education and I have gained further education to provide for this specialty. I have my own clinic (still working on an opening date though) and provide home care. My business isn't completely off the ground yet, but I expect some problems with Dr.'s questioning my scope. I'm prepared. I want to work along side them, not against them, so we will see how it goes when I go out and market myself to other Dr.'s and podiatrists. That will be a big test. I need pods to refer to though, so hopefully they will accept this nursing venture and come to realize that it is the way of the future!!!
    I highly recommend that you get your CFCN and save up to buy the appropriate tools/instruments. If we want to be taken seriously, we must be as professional as we would expect someone to be for us. Most pods don't even use the podiatry drill that I purchased. They use a dremel which is really not appropriate for health care. I give my clients the best of the best. I have nothing to hide! Good equipment, good instruments (well...those could be better but man nippers are expensive), and good products. People love nurses!

  • Sep 22 '16

    When my MIL was admitted for N/V with terminal brain cancer (days before going on hospice), I brought in pictures of her and put them on the dry erase board in her room. I wrote a few things about her that were fun parts of her personality. I wanted them to care for who she is not just N/V.
    I now work in hospice and on my first visit I engage with the family with their photos on the walls so that I know the whole person, not just how they now present at the EOL.
    I can't imagine how it would make me feel if I was ill and the nurse talked to me like I had no clue what was going on. I don't need them to talk to me in nurse talk, but I can't fathom being talked to like I was a child.

  • Aug 29 '16

    Our family planned our move to Boise for the entire 2 years I was in nursing school! We have been here 5 years and still feel like we are on vacation!! We moved here because of the schools and relaxed attitudes (came from Vegas) and we don't regret it for one single second. Our kids have had some fantastic teachers and we have made some really great friends.
    The pay was low for what I would have started at in Vegas as a new grad. I worked at St. Luke's (highly recommend it...awesome hospital) and started just below $20/hr before diff. That hurt, but the move was for our kiddos, so it was worth the paycut. I just left West Valley (in Caldwell) mostly because I felt extremely underpaid at just over $23/hr (and I worked there for almost 4 years). I am now venturing out on my own ('s possible!!) as a Certified Foot Care Nurse.
    We live in Meridian and love it!
    Car registration is super low, gas seems about 15 cents higher than Nevada, we are taxed on groceries , we have state income tax, car insurance/homeowners is much cheaper than where we were. We have 4 mild seasons, tons of outdoor things to do (going jet skiing today!) water parks, go kart tracks, Meridian Speedway race track (my 13 year old races a real car there!) and sports.

    Good luck to you and your family! Idaho is awesome!

  • Jul 12 '16

    I scored a 124. I used the study guide by MacDonald. Excellent book--uses old test questions. My advice is to keep track of time. I ran out of time on the 1st section and had to quickly mark "C" all the way to the end (to not leave any blank and possibly pick up a few "right" answers. This was the reading portion, the one I scored the lowest on. Still ended up with a 124! We had to have a composite of at least 100 in order to be considered.

    Good luck!!!

  • May 9 '16

    My unit director told me that a fellow RN had gone to the CNO to lodge a "few" complaints about me. First one: You spend too much time with your patients. (I was a L&D nurse and we almost always were 1 to 1 care). I told her that I don't just run in and run back out. I talk to them, I chart in their room, and I do all these things because they're IN LABOR and have come to the hospital so that we can monitor their labor/delivery! She said the nurse's complaint was that if there were an emergency, they wouldn't know where I was. Really? I thought you just told me where I my pt's room! If I have one labor and I'm not sitting in the nurses can probably guess where I am.
    Second one: She complained that you go into the nursery and close the door. Hmmmm.... I thought we were SUPPOSED to do that! You know...infant security? She said...well, yes, you are.
    Third one: She said that you act like you know it all (not the exact words she told me, but meant the same thing...just can't remember how she phrased it to me). Well, yes, I am the only NICU trained nurse here and everyone still does care as though it is 1975. I told her "I thought you wanted me to help with evidence based practice" and she said, yes, but that the RN was complaining about me trying to "teach" her (basically she didn't want the help to be up-to-date with her nursing knowledge). I said "fine. I won't bring anymore of my knowledge to this hospital since it is bringing complaints." She then IMMEDIATELY asked me if I knew how to do the Ballard Score". I told her yes and she asked if I would teach it to the RN's. UMMMMMMM......NOPE! Thank you for wasting my time though with this ridiculousness!