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    Don't go to Utah Internship unless you want to put yourself in a $16,000 financially binding contract for 2.5 years

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    If you are interested in indentured slavery then the University of Utah Critical Care Internship is right for you and the best way to staff all of it's ICUs as you are mandated to float whenever they need you, novice ICU nurse! At the start of this internship you will be praised for your competitive application and how lucky you are. Someone will come into the orientation room and casually hand you a contract which they throw a pen at and wisk away just as quickly. THIS CONTRACT IS LEGALLY AND FINANCIALLY BINDING FOR $16,000. You cannot leave this hospital for a full 2.5 years without fully paying this FEE, or else hospital collections will be after you. This hospital is charging new nurses $16,000 for training most other institutions offer at no charge. Also, the training that they are offering is REQUIRED by JHACO anyway. This internship is the most ruthless, BS scam ever. Nurses are not happy at this hospital, or living in this polluted, in-your-face religious state.