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    What are the levels of employment above the intake nurse or the intake planner. Just curious and what do they do

    Thanks much!!!

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    Thanks you all, particularly CPhT2RNstudent, thanks for your support. They are giving me ~21/hr. And yeah, I really don't know what to expect from new place!! I guess 3 mo is ok, and I am sure they will be ok extending it if I may need it ))

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    Hello fellas!!

    And so I have passed NCLEX in summer of this year (2012) in New York and just recently was told that I am hired for an ICU position in Texas (Wichita Falls). It was an intimidating processes of interview but to my surprise I went through all of them and was offered a classical training -- only three months.

    I always wanted to be an ICU nurse, helping people right there on the spot where their life depend on my proper functioning. However at the same time I am intimidated by such small training time and moving from NY to Texas all on my own from my parent's house (I am 22, male). So far, I found a hotel close to the hospital, but that's it as far as my plans go. Can someone provide any suggestions, what you would have done if all you had is this information; how to prepare for ICU new grad position, etc.

    PS. This is the first job offer that I was responded to and I cannot miss this opportunity. This IS a new grad position, since they asked for letters of recommendations and transcripts from college. Also I only have an Associate's degree, doing RN-to-BSN.

    Thanks so much!!