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    you need to hang in there; I am veterinarian turned paramedic/RN (pending short preceptorship completion); I have seen professionals from vets to mds to RNs go thru hell in getting license issues resolved; you seem very "grounded" and wise, and think you have genuinely corrected a problem (who among us lives in glass houses? we all do-none are perfect!) you have a career, don't "shrink away"! Fight for it! again, no one is perfect! You have a right to your profession, and do not grow weary!

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    I know, it happens; but what IS the bottom line for becoming, renewal of licensure, etc., for an RN with one or more dui convictions? My friend (honest, not me!) has 2 duis in ohio and is an RN; will this "not come up" at renewal, as she says, can she "hide it" as some tell me, or is there automatic background check (I am paramedic-soon to be RN via bridge program, we have automatic background checks) ? Or, does she face "double jeopardy"-lie about it on form, then get caught in background check, adding perjury to her problems??????

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    Great going! I wish you you the best and hope you stay healthy and excited about work! what scares me are our colleagues who have substance issues and feel "okay" to practice with them! yikes!

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    First morally we should be honest always; second, if you lie and the board finds out especially in writing you Perjury yourself on and on! and Third it is easier to tell the truth; too hard to remember lies! I tell the truth; that way, easy to tell what happened! Hard enough to recall one version-the truth-than to juggle the 7 lies that each lie carries! You did right; good luck!

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    Like yourself, I am an EMT-P soon to be RN, with a friend I grew up with facing 2 dui convictions in 2012, one may, one February and their license up for renewal in 2013, august. as you and I know as paramedics, we have automatic background checks at each juncture; yet I see questions in here as if RNs think they can "hide" a DUI. Don't they at least ask on license renewal "were you convicted of misdemeanor or dui in last 2 years"? And don't they do same background check we medics go through? And isn't LYING ABOUT IT then PERJURY and at least as bad as the DUI??????? I hope you have good outcome; you seem like great person who made an error once-won't "lecture" you about duis- you've been there in the blood and the mud; you know NOT TO DO IT! Good luck, and please reply-I fear my friend is going to lose her license and without an intervention, her life (or kill someone else) as she is denial about an obvious problem (.08 feb., .24 and busted C7 2nd one)!