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  • Dec 29 '16

    I would appreciate any input here. I am starting my second career, I am wanting to go into health care. I was planning to go in to LPN school, but I am concerned about the lack of jobs available. I am not interested in long term schooling at this point, so I am looking for a career that I can begin with twelve to eighteen months of schooling. My first choice was LPN, but I am also interested in the Surgical Tech. program. In my area they earn about the same pay, and the Surg Tech program is about ten credit hours less. All of that being said, I believe that I would enjoy either career, but I wonder if there may be more opportunities for a surg tech than an LPN.
    If anyone has gone through this program, please let me know what you think. I appreciate anyone that can give me advice here.

  • Sep 19 '16

    My father in law had brain cancer. In the end, he would sit in a chair and start moving his hands as if he were wrapping string around his hands. It was really amazing to watch. He did this for about a week or two before he passed away.

  • Jul 19 '16

    Wow, I guess this is something that I didn't even consider when I was thinking of ethical issues that I could face. I really think that first of all, you want to follow the patients wishes, but I can see where there could be an exception. I was aware that Hospice has some unwritten rules about meds and such, but this is really something to think about.

    I remember having surgery several years ago, I put down there that I wanted to be kept alive by whatever means, but I was in my thirtees and had a young child. I obviously wouldn't want to be kept alive if I couldn't be saved, but was afraid of putting that down. I guess it's silly, but a lot of people think the same way, I am sure of it.

    Thanks for the post. It gives me a lot to think about.