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  1. I just found this post! Congrats to all of us grads that made it through. It was a rough 2 years
    Jan 26 '13
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  2. Hey, I just graduated from Southwest 12/13/12. Everyone from any school will tell you what they disliked about their...
    Jan 20 '13
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  3. The HESI comprehenive review for NCLEX had a ton of Hesi hints that really helped me for the exit HESI. I needed a 950....
    Jan 18 '13
    Forum: HESI Entrance Exam / Exit Exam Help
  4. The HESI NCLEX study book has a bunch of hints that really helped me the first time. Our school requires a 950 I made 931...
    Jan 2 '13
    Forum: HESI Entrance Exam / Exit Exam Help
  5. Do you get a lot of help with the capstone? I am starting walden In a few moths. Rn-msn In nursing education I'm very...
    Dec 23 '12
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  6. You took the words right out of my mouth. :) good luck to you and maybe we will work together someday
    Nov 28 '12
    Forum: Oncology Nursing