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    Okay, who else is starting at Duke in the next couple of months? I'd love to hear from my future coworkers. Where are you coming from, and where are you working?

    I'm a December 2012 graduate, starting SNIP orientation for ICN in late January. I've lived in Durham for most of my time in nursing school, and I LOVE this area! I'm so happy to have secured a job in what I've adopted as my new hometown.

    Tell me about yourselves!

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    Hi! I'm also going to be working in peds at Duke. Are you in the January 28 orientation group?

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    I'm starting at Duke next month. I've been living in Durham for the past two years for nursing school, and I LOVE the neighborhood I'm in. I wasn't interested in living in an apartment (I always seem to live below herds of elephants), hence why I looked into housing. For those who might also want a house in a relatively safe and quiet neighborhood, try looking in Old West Durham, Watts-Hillandale, or maybe Tuscaloosa-Lakewood. If you use Zillow and search by zip code, 27705 has a bunch of charming old bungalows for rent.

    Hope that helps! Good luck, and feel free to message me if you want further details on the area surrounding Duke.

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    I liked icufaqs for a quick and easy to use reference with a little comic relief

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    It looks like you might've already had your interview. If so, how'd it go?

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    Thank you! I'm going to take those little clapping guys to my final exam with me

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    Quote from Madds06
    I just purchased the app called "Fast Facts in Critical Care" by Kathy White and the IABP and Cardiac Surgery one to go with it!
    I wish I had seen this before I finished my CCU partnership! Just looked it up after reading this post and it looks like it would've been a much quicker resource. Thanks for posting! I'll pass it along for the next group.

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    Quote from nicurn426
    I would read NANN's articles about Necrotizing Entercolitis, Feedings (types and techniques), and respiratory problems that a newborn can have (pphn, bpd, etc).
    Excellent, thank you!

    Quote from littlepeopleRNICU
    I'm not sure how your orientation process is gonna be, but I was given a notebook that we are filling with notes from each class. I will still be on orientation for a few months, but I already have so much info in my notebook! I have also been coming home and writing down the stuff that each baby I cared for that day/week had, and then looking up info about it. If you don't have classes/papers given to you(and even if you do), I think that will be a good way to help you learn everything.
    Good suggestion, thanks!

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    Something tells me the dog breed is important. Based on my family's pet, chocolate lab can't possible be the right answer!

    "Yes, ma'am, I am mostly motivated by food and naps, and I only enjoy teamwork that involves me getting all the attention."

    Or perhaps, my friend's dachshund?

    "If something changes, I will be the first to know about it. I will make sure to yell loudly so everyone else is aware, even if it's just someone using my pen. Also, I will eat anything."

    I still think I'm a lemur. Friendly, a little quirky, curious, and slightly escapist. Don't forget the dark circles under the eyes!

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    Thank you! I'm looking forward to it.

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    Quote from nicurn426
    Hey! Congrats! I started in the nicu in July as a new grad. I absolutely love it. I love working in a critical care setting as well, and I don't feel like I've given that up at all. Here are some things that helped me during my orientation:
    1) read all you can. There is so much to learn. Just don't get bogged down by trying tolearn everything at once. I joined NANN. They have some great past articles that you can access. Such a great resource. I've probably used NANN articles more than anything else. I have the merestein neonatal book, but to be honest, I haven't read it as much as I probably should have. Another great book is the core curriculum for neonatal nursing.
    2) make the most of your orientation. Ask questions, observe as much as u can even if it isn't your patient.

    I hope this helps!
    Any NANN articles you might recommend as a jumping off point? I'm starting my first RN job in January (NICU, ICN, same thing) and I want to start reading everything at the same time!

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    Quote from almostnewgrad12

    I'm a new grad NICU RN and am trying to decide between 2 textbooks. Does anyone have the "Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care" by Merenstein and Gardner, or "Core Curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing" by Verklan and Walding? If so, which one do you have and what are the pros/cons? They both have great reviews on Amazon and I'm struggling to make a decision.

    Thanks in advance!
    I'm glad you asked, I was also trying to decide! Now I know what I'll ask Santa to bring me

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    Quote from ercastro2
    Doing my interview tomorrow for peds cardiology... I flew in from California to do this interview, so i hope it works out. anyone else interviewing tomorrow or this week? What floors?
    Good luck to you! I've got a friend who will be working there. Any word yet?

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    Quote from mihaSK

    I am relocating to NC from CA and I am looking for 2BR apartment in Durham area. Which are the good/safe areas to rent near Durham? Something no more than 30-40 minutes commute from Duke Hospital.

    I'm not sure if you're still looking, but try Apple Realty or Bob Schmitz properties - lots of interesting little houses and duplexes, all within 20 min of Duke (most of them much less).

    If you're in the area, try driving through some of the nice neighborhoods. A friend of mine found a great property this way! I recommend Old West Durham, Old North Durham, and anything in the areas close to the university. A Craigslist search of those neighborhood names could be fruitful. Good luck!