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    I'm sorry lauramoran, but I'm afraid I don't know "what" or "who" Phoebe is.

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    Update: Mailed my packet on 1/16/2013. It was received on the 18th and I was endorsed on the 28th. Never received an e-mail, not even in my junk mail. I checked the GA BON site every few days and it finally showed up. I have an interview with Colquitt RMC next week.

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    Marshall1, Thanks for the reply but I am moving from Florida to Georgia. I plan on keeping my RN license in Florida current so shouldn't have any problems when/if I decide to return.

    GoosbyLPN, shouldn't be a problem. Im pretty sure Florida requirements in those areas are equivalent to GA. Thanks for the heads up though!

    Girlygirlk8e, that's a relief to know. Hopefully mine will go smoothly as well.

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    Hi all! I am an RN with 2 years experience in the ICU and ER. I will be moving from the NE Florida area to the Valdosta/Adel area in the next few months and will be looking for job opportunities. A couple things I am looking for information on is: 1) what is the average starting hourly pay/salary for RN's with my experience; 2) anyone else who has transferred their license here run in to any snags concerning getting endorsed in GA? Any advise and/or information beyond this will be much appreciated.