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    I did a summer internship before my last semester of nursing school and then stayed on as a per diem tech through my last semester. I don't know that the experience is what helped me get the job as much as already being an employee of the health system. I know the recruiter tried hard to get internal candidates placed before moving on to external candidates. If you are willing to move, it wouldn't hurt to apply anywhere you are willing to move and indicate your willingness to relocate on your application (if it asks) or maybe on your cover letter. I heard through the grapevine that one of the major hospitals in my area is no longer hiring ADNs, and I have found the rumor to ring true, as my classmates aren't getting called for interviews at that hospital.

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    I'm a new grad in upstate NY with my ADN, and I have a job lined up. Several of my classmates have also gotten jobs offers. There are a lot of nursing schools around here though and the market is definitely starting to get saturated. I'm not sure where upstate you are talking. I'm in Rochester. Good luck in your job search!

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    I agree with the other posters. I saw many classmates come into nursing program with a 4.0 GPAs and then drop to B-/C+ students in the nursing program. People who came into the program as B-/C+ students barely passed or didn't make it. The science pre-reqs are particularly important. If you struggled in anatomy and physiology, the chances of making it through nursing tests might not be so good. That being said, you shouldn't give up on your dream. Apply to the program and then work your butt off if you get in. If you don't try, then you'll never know if you could have made it or not! But I'm serious about working your butt off. Kiss your Friday and Saturday nights goodbye! Throughout nursing school I pretty much saw my friends once a month for about 2 hours, and I might as well have had my mail forwarded to the library, because I lived there! Good luck!

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    Degree type: Associates
    Graduation month/year: 12/12
    Sex: female
    Age range: 30-34
    Job Setting: Hospital
    Geographical Location: NY
    How long have you been looking for your first job before being hired? 2 weeks
    Did you do any volunteer work before your job? No
    Did you possess any additional certifications (i.e. ACLS) before you landed your first job? Previous bachelor's degree
    Did a family/friend/clinical instructor or other connection help you land your job? Explain. No
    Did you work in the health care setting at all before your job? If so, what field? Yes, had a summer nursing internship, then stayed on as a patient care tech at the hospital through my last semester
    Did you apply online, in person (at the facility), or other? Explain. I approached a nurse manager at an internal recruiting event and asked to shadow on her unit. She told me to call the nurse recruiter the next day to set up a shadow and interview.
    Did you participate in any follow-up inquiries after resume submittal of your application or interview? If so, explain. Email, phone call? No
    How far away do you live from your job site? Include minutes/hours.
    10 - 15 mins
    Did you hold a p/t or f/t job while enrolled in your nursing program. If yes, list whether it was p/t or f/t position:
    yes, 2 part time jobs
    If you held a job during your nursing program that was not related to the health care field, please report the general field in which you worked (restaurant, retail, educational, business, etc.) Feel free to expand:
    Financial servicesDid you receive any scholastic honors while in nursing school (Dean's List, Cum Laude, etc.?) Dean's List, nominated by my clinical instructor for excellence in nursing award, phi theta kappa honor society
    General comments: I think getting into a hospital as a tech while you're still in school is a good idea. You can make a good impression on the nurse manager on your unit and/or make friends with the recruiter so that you can get set up for interviews. Just my 2 cents. Good luck all new grads!

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    Quote from Ntheboat2
    Some people don't consider minimal education and the inability to spell anything as diversity or strength.

    Embarrassment? Maybe.

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    I don't really have any advice for you, as I am still in nursing school. I just wanted to say to hang in there. I'm sorry for what you are going through, and I hope things get better for you soon.