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    Quote from Wuzzie
    This isn't available either. I'm on the latest version of iOS. Sorry, not trying to be a pain but I gave up on AN on my phone because of this issue.
    Since moving to mainly surfing AN on my iPhone, I just go to the "What's New" tab but sometimes I will surf specific tabs. I can say it is a PITA to post and reply on my phone but I don't know a way around this...

    Anyone know why I don't have an emoji selection like I used to have when posting/replying? The options just disappeared one day. My phone emoji's just turn into an ambiguous diamond-ish shape with a dollar sign inside (I think). I think emoji's really help to lighten the post/response when readers are trying to figure out the poster's intentions/emotions. Make sense?

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    Quote from Wuzzie
    Being a nurse has nothing to do with it. It is a HUMAN duty. What a bizarre question.
    Yep, that's what I thought too. Me thinks the OP wants validation to throw someone under the bus. Here's another thought, people from all walks of life may act and perform differently in an emergency than what they think they would while either daydreaming or after the what would you do OP? Or better yet, what did you do in this situation that you are seeking advice on?

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    Quote from AJJKRN
    Well said and Damn Skippy!
    For whatever reason, when I posted my response to djmatte very spot on response above, the quote did not insert...and I clearly was not paying enough attention...

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    Well said and Damn Skippy!

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    I think it's a trend just like the " BSN preferred". As a new grad, I think it is a real thing being either facility specific or manager specific (not so much specialty dependent). Even in the middle of Illinois, a new grad's gpa needs to have at least a 3.0 at my work to be considered for our residency. A nurse with experience and a pulse however...but we don't have a shortage of new grads either.

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    I would check your states labor laws. My work tried to stop paying us for the last four hours of shifts that we were put on standby for a few years ago. It only lasted maybe three months and I still believe they found out they were breaking some kind of labor law and decided not to risk getting caught and having to pay fines. We get paid a few dollars an hour when on standby...I can't imagine it being legal for your company to place you on call without compensation unless you signed an agreement. Hmm...

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    It is probably in your best interests to call the MD's office with your concerns and if they are closed for the weekend then instead call the hospital's patient advisory nurse. I don't think anyone can truly answer you here on this website as it most likely is against the TOS.

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    Quote from LovingLife123
    Where are all these places where nurses get to play Candy Crush? And who still plays Candy Crush?
    Use the search function to look up a member named NOADLS...

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    Quote from OrganizedChaos
    I'm trying to remember but I can't remember what dosage of Zosyn runs fast. Fourty five minutes doesn't seem too fast for it.
    Our largest bags are 4.5g in 100cc ran over 30 minutes for adults. I've never seen an order for zosyn to be ran for any longer at my hospital.

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    This thread from a little while back as some really good info in it, I also attached a link about chest tubes that I found to be pretty cool and informative

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    Well it looks like CMS is trying to cover their tracks in role that HCAHPS plays....


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    I'm generally a good natured person so with added or even intense stress I tend to laugh and joke. If I get stressed enough to show anger and's truly all gone to hell and a handbasket then folks!

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    That's totally like saying...

    In my defense, the button said don't push!


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    Quote from mmc51264
    I did an MSN in Informatics. The 3 Ps were not part of our program. I believe any non-clinical MSN does not require them.

    I just graduated in Dec so it is not across the board required.
    But they were part of the MSN in Leadership at WGU. They weren't required, I believe, but I do think they were included to be "on the ball" by WGU.

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    Easy and simple but can be very entertaining...

    Just put some tape on the underside of computer mouses over their sensor lights ;-)

    On a side note, I made myself curious about whether or not the plural to a computer mouse was computer mice and found this link...

    Computer mouses or computer mice? << Pain in the English