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  • Feb 10 '13

    School nurses are awesome! <3

  • Feb 7 '13

    I have never, ever studied this hard. Still hanging in there, though. Lost some folks this week, unfortunately. Do they really have to make it so difficult...? It seems deliberate. I want to be a good skilled nurse, but some folks who didn't pass-barely- the written test would have been fine nurses, too. Maybe with a little less material or some targeted test reviews? Just saying...

  • Dec 20 '12

    Central students be sure to check out your email, we received an email regarding our first assignment

  • Nov 17 '12

    So lets go over the importance of immunizations and your rights to refuse!

  • Nov 11 '12

    It did take me a long time to reconcile that "bad" aspects of the ER. But what keeps me there is the positives. Like:
    Making a scared little kid or big kid feel safe and helping them get better.
    Saving lives
    Trying to be supportive of people who lose their loved ones and help them through the worst day of their life.
    Giving education to diabetics and having it FINALLY click for some of them.
    I see to it that the homeless psyche pt has at least a few hours of warm blankets, food and respect. Some day I might be in their shoes.
    Giving TLC to really sick pts
    I always keep in mind that some of the people I come in contact with are going to die very soon and I may be their last human contact so I try to always treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity.

  • Nov 10 '12

    Hi I'm a nursing student at North Campus. I know its stressful and nerve racking to see if you've been accepted. A word of advice if admissions say you'll know by the 15th you will know on the 15th and not a day before. Also if your not accepted don't. Worry they always do a second round of letters are sent out two weeks after the 15th. Many students either defer or decline their seats.
    When you do get accepted my best advice is buy th Perry and Potter fundamentals of Nursing book. Out of pocket don't wait for financial aid. Its a lot of reading in th program and if you can get a headstart then ready set go! It will be worth every dollar once you start! Exam 1 covers vital signs,health assessment,saftey,hygiene,documentation and nursing process! Told you its a lot! Get the book start reading you'll be glad you did!!!!! Another nugget of advice testing is not anything you've done before its all critical thinking! Do the review questions at the end of the chapters! good luck!!

  • Nov 7 '12

    Take it online. That's what I did. Even though the date range says December, I took them months ago and you get the certificate in 2 weeks. Go now and add the online one, wait 24 hours for it to pop up on D2L and take it immediately.

  • Nov 7 '12

    I don't know the particular schools and hospitals in your region. So this answer consists of general principles that apply in most job market.

    1. Yes. Some schools are better than others and the better hospitals usually prefer to hire new grads from the best schools. Look for a school that has an excellent academic reputation as well as one that offers extensive clinical rotations at the areas best hospitals. If a school does not have access to the best hospitals for their clinical rotations, that tells you what the hospitals think of that school -- and you should probably stear clear of it.

    2. For many job markets, it is also true that the better hospitals prefer to hire new grads with BSN's rather than ADN's. That's not 100% true in every situation, but it is the current trend in most places. However, that doesn't mean that a BSN from a terrible school is always better off than an ADN from a good school. The level of education is just one of many factors.

    3. Hospitals want to hire people who will be successful and stay at their facility for a long time. (It costs them a lot to orient a new grad and they don't want to waste their money.) So ... people who are already known to them in some way have an advantage in the hiring process over total strangers. For example, if you work for that hospital as a nursing assistant while you are in school -- and do a good job -- that leads them to believe you will be a good nurse and that you will become a long-term employee. Similarly, if you do a senior year practicum at that hospital and do well, it will help you get employed by that hospital. So you have to enter the job market as a new grad knowing that there are some new grads who already have their "foot in the door" at certain hospitals. They will have an advantage over those who are totally unknown by the hospital.

    4. Some of the local people you will ask have biases for or against certain schools and/or hospitals. They may believe they are giving you good advice, but their opinions may be colored by those biases. Try to talk with a variety of people who see the situation from a variety of perspectives. For example, a graduate of a particular school will rarely tell you that their school was not one of the highly respected ones. Most people think that THEIR school is difficult and produces good graduates. An ADN grad will tell you that the ADN route is better and a BSN grad will tell you that the BSN route is better, etc. etc. etc. So be very careful to avoid getting sucked into any particular school's marketing.

    Gotta go. I'm sure others will add to this thread.

  • Nov 7 '12

    North here, I paid too!

    Check NP1... so many books to buy...

  • Nov 5 '12

    Don't forget to pay the $29 fee on your bc acct, otherwise you will have a hold and wont be able to register tomorrow @8.

  • Nov 2 '12

    I signed up through MyBC registration page. Head to Add/Drop under Registration and use the course IDs (ABC1234) to find the classes. I suggest the online ones because they are flexible.

    CAE0617 439549 Pre Md Err-Online $19.95

    HSC0405 ------- Bsc Lif Sprt S $96.40

    HSC0522 439551 Tb/Osha/Hep St $21.05

    HSC0591 439552 Hiv/Aids/Stdnt $15.70

    HSC0691 439553 Dom Viol Stud $10.35

    I removed the ref ID for BLS because mine already ended (Last thursday and friday from 5:30pm-9:30pm at BC Central) and BLS is the only one that MUST be taken in person. Typing in HSC0405 should give you new options. These are directly copied from my tuition for this semester.

  • Nov 2 '12

    Quote from MurseMike33322
    @MsFlo: I was told by the nursing director that if you take a class and your final grade is in, that you cannot retake the same class at any Florida STATE college. Your stuck with that grade. She also told me that if you want to retake the same class to replace a low grade, it would have to be done at a private school and when I looked into that it was VERY VERY super duper expensive!
    For instance, I have an associates degree in Civil Engineering, and took every math from algebra up to Calculas II. But BC's pre calc is called "College Algebra" and my pre calc in NY was called "pre calc for engineering students" she let me take the BC college algebra class. Other than that, I would have had to attend a private school since I have allready taken all the maths that can be taken. So I lucked out. Many of my classes were transfer credits, and back then I spent too much time partying and not enough time studying so after taking the pre reqs at BC, even though they were all A's, my grades from the transfer school were not great. Now as I am older, I take school much more serious. When I got rejected last august, my GPA before taking that math class was 3.45? After I took the math class, it is 3.7. Hope this helps you plan your next move
    I took and English 1 class in NY about 9 years ago; and I got a C in that course. I would like to retake that class just to bring the grade up. Also, the chart stated that no retakes for the sciences...right? Also get some deserve it. Let us know how it goes...