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Joined Oct 28, '12 - from 'Denver, CO, US'. heartlover is a BSN, RN, CNOR. She has '9' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery'. Posts: 44 (25% Liked) Likes: 17

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  • Mar 20

    Like a concept analysis for a theory class? If that's what you are talking about I can give you the paper title of the example my professor gave to my class. I wrote one on autonomy. I'm also willing to let you look at that if you'd like. Just no plagiarizing of course Let me know!

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  • Aug 4 '16

    Been in Colorado for 2.5 years now and have heard nothing but bad news about HealthOne. I have worked for two Centura facilities including St. Anthony's. Porter Adventist is my current hospital and in the OR we have gotten 3 different Swedish employees jump ship and come here. They all say it was horrible over at HealthOne, but they were in the OR not the ED. There are two other Swedish employees that I know of that went to St. A's. I have a friend who worked at DH and she left there for Centura but has very little bad to say about DH.

    Overall, Colorado pays less than one would like but HealthOne has been know to pay less by rumor. Good Luck and welcome to Colorado!!