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  • Jul 10 '17

    I agree with TakeTwoAspirin, write them up, report them, do more than just sit back and "take it" or complain to co-workers. They have no right to act that way and in addition to making it a hostile work environment it can hinder communication and diminish patient care and safety. Hopefully your co-workers and managers see the harassing behavior as well and will back you in writing the jerks up.

    I have also tried explaining my thought process or rationale for my actions to yelling surgeons/anesthesiologists. On a few more rational docs it has worked and they apologized or at least quit their yelling but a few have just seen it as "talking back" and trying to undermine their "authority" and the harassment has just gotten worse. Just recently a surgeon yelled and me and the tech for counting sponges on a vein stripping with a saphenous vein cutdown. Granted the incision was less than 2" and superficial but our policy says we have to count rays and laps with an open incision. I explained the policy to the surgeon and the surgeon went as far as to call us idiots and then threw a lap in the trash and prohibited us from digging it out. My tech and I wrote an incident report and he is now under scrutiny from the hospital. It's just not worth it to let things like that slide in my opinion.

    The OR can be tough with so many strong personalities but I love it and I'm going to fight for the career I like and am good at and for my patient's safety!! Good luck to you rncoco!