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    Thank you so much for the advice, yes I'm going to continue searching while waiting with my fingers crossed. I was so disappointed, I'll definitely let you know if they call me.

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    Maybe someone can help me. I'm a new RN, and after a long hard 7 month job search, came up with one, yes count them, one call from a LTC facility (not my first choice, but I'll take it). I go for the blood work, physical, and references were called, I'm offered the job as PRN. Went Monday for 8 hour orientation and they made schedule for the next 10 days 7-3 for training on the floor. Yesterday I show up at 6:50 am, (in new scrubs) I'm shown to my wing, meet the RN that I'm shadowing for the day, still, everythings fine. At 10 AM the supervisor comes to me and says something like "HR wanted me to tell you that you'll be leaving the floor at 11 for the day, and next weeks schedule is canceled, she said she'll call you once she makes up a new schedule" Whoa? So I do as I'm told, leave floor at 11, go right to HR to question what is going on. She tells me that they can't "overwhelm" the staff with new hires (2 other RN were hired along with me) and I have to re-work the schedule". I'm told to go home and wait for a call? She calls and tells me some one will call me next week about a new schedule. Am I supposed to sit around and wait for a call that may or may not come? After going from an extreme high and excitment, I am crushed, to say the least. Spent the day in bed, depressed, and weepy. What just happened? Any thoughts?

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    Quote from StinkMomBomb

    ChrissySnowRN, are you at an LTC or a LTAC?... huge difference.
    Sorry, should have clarified, I'll be starting at a Long term care facility.

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    I am also starting as a new grad, at a LTC facility in a few weeks. But I have to say.... alot of the posts I've read are scaring me; dirty facilities, non-compassionate care, rushed to complete med pass and errors, high nurse patient ratios, patients not receiving proper care, I could go on and on. So, as excited as I am to start my nursing career, I'm having nighmares about all that I'm hearing. Esme12's post gave me a glimmer of hope that this can be a great experience for me, but still have that worry in the back of my mind

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    I have to say, my confidence is shot. I passed Nclex in July, I've been feverishly applying everywhere since. 1 call, 1 interview, LTC (pet diem) which by all means, I'll take, but when I see former class mates getting hospital jobs, Neuro, med surge. ect, I feel like such a loser. It really plays with my head

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    Thank you so much! Yes my script is only a few months old, haven't heard anything about screen yet (fingers crossed). I dont start for a few weeks so I will review those suggested meds. Thanks Again.

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    I love this. Very inspiring, however, it's easier said than done. Having graduated in May and still no job, parents live with me, dad had stroke 2011, small house, 3 kids (and husband) I have no idea how to get through the day, let alone Christmas. Being the oldest if 3, neither sibling helps me (I've asked ). I'm slowly losing my enthusiasm and why I went into nursing. It's very hard to stay confident when constant anxiety and worry about the future consumes every minute if every day. Sorry for the rant, just had to get that off my chest.

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    Hi Nurses
    I have a 2 part question, please help me out. I'm not new to AN, but this is my first time starting a topic. My first question is, I was just hired at a LTC facility (finally) after looking for 6 months ; I graduated in May. I went for my pre-employment physical and drug screen (urine) and now I'm panicking. I take Ambien occasionally for trouble sleeping, and I took it the night before my physical/drugscreen, (I know..stupid). This prescription in MY name, prescribed by my PCP, my question, what exactly are they looking for in the drug screen, and can I be in trouble for taking it even though it's legitimatly prescribed to me? Secondly, I don't start this position until 12/3, any suggestions on what to review, what to brush up on, any advice at all is greatly appreciated on both questions. I have been having heart palpitations since yesterday, can't sleep, anxiety is at an all time high and I'm so distraught, what if they decide not to hire me, totally freaking out