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  • Nov 15 '12

    It might also be useful to have a look at pathology results as well - just to know what is an abnormal reading you can let slide and what is worth ringing the doctor immediately for!
    Also I remember a doctor asking me to order bloods for a delerium screen and I had no idea what I was supposed to request! he hung up before I could ask him! I was too embarrassed to phone him again and confess I had no idea what he was talking about!
    Good luck with it all.

  • Nov 15 '12

    Quote from ChrissySnowRN
    I have to say, my confidence is shot. I passed Nclex in July, I've been feverishly applying everywhere since. 1 call, 1 interview, LTC (pet diem) which by all means, I'll take, but when I see former class mates getting hospital jobs, Neuro, med surge. ect, I feel like such a loser. It really plays with my head
    You are not alone. I think sometimes others just got the luck to get hired in the hospital settings. I had one classmate just applied for three hospitals and got two interviews and got hired in second one. How is she different than others? She did not have any working experience, and that is her first job ever, so what left for us to say now, pure luck. She applied the every position in that hospital even it required for one year experience, and I did the same thing too, but I never got the interview. What can I say? No luck for me. That is it. It is not who you are or what kind experience you have, or where you got your degree, just simply you are not lucky enough to get hired as soon as possible.

  • Nov 14 '12

    Some people notice that the holiday season depresses them to no end. Others deal with increased stress at their workplaces, concerns about money, or genuine fears about doing well on final exams as this semester or quarter comes to an end.

    As we look forward to the promise of another new year in just a few short weeks, my goal is to bestow some motivation upon anyone who may need it at the present time. I'm here to tell you that as long as you believe in yourself, I will believe in you.

    Your confidence is at its very best when you believe in yourself and have dogged faith in your abilities. The views you hold about yourself and the people around you will either aid to empower you in everything that you do or seriously weaken your sense of self. The nurse, nursing student, or member of the public who has an unwavering belief in one's own self confidence is going to do everything possible to seek favorable experiences, which will reaffirm the positive regard that the person has for himself or herself.

    This usually results in other favorable experiences, giving rise to a bright cascade of events that enriches the person's life and reinforces a high self esteem. If you make self-fulfilling prophecies that your life will turn out well, you are more prone to make it happen.

    If you genuinely believe in yourself, you are more inclined to take whatever steps are necessary to preserve what you have and strive for bigger and better things. After all, you feel good about yourself, so you think you deserve the good things that life has to offer and won't settle for less.

    On the other hand, if you do not believe in yourself because you lack confidence, you might not do much to change your situation due to negative self-fulfilling prophecies that rent space inside your head. People with low self esteems remain at the same crappy jobs even though they have the potential for so much more and hang around with the same unmotivated crowd because they have convinced themselves that they do not deserve anything better out of life.

    Your mind is one of the greatest tools you will ever own, so use it to empower yourself and others around you. High self confidence evolves with the passion, vigor, and strides you take in all aspects of your life. Believing in oneself and exuding confidence in every endeavor will help to enrich your life. After all, life is less about what happens to us and is more about how we deal with the things that happen. When the going gets tough, believe in yourself. And as long as you believe in yourself, I will believe in you.

    No mountain is an obstacle unless you turn it into one. You can do this!

  • Nov 14 '12

    I see that you have been offered a LTC job. I posted some advice to the thread that you started with the hope that it will make your transition smoother. Congratulations on the job offer and I wish you the very best of luck.

    Quote from ChrissySnowRN
    I love this. Very inspiring, however, it's easier said than done. Having graduated in May and still no job, parents live with me, dad had stroke 2011, small house, 3 kids (and husband) I have no idea how to get through the day, let alone Christmas. Being the oldest if 3, neither sibling helps me (I've asked ). I'm slowly losing my enthusiasm and why I went into nursing. It's very hard to stay confident when constant anxiety and worry about the future consumes every minute if every day. Sorry for the rant, just had to get that off my chest.