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    The straw thing happens in LTC too, or you try to pull the straw away because they're sipping, swallowing, coughing and the mouth or even tongue follows the straw. Then the patient looks at you like you're crazy says something like " hey I was still drinking, I want more." I say no " you were aspirating" they say "I wasn't spraying." LMAO!!

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    " Just go in the BED!!!" Are you serious??? Been a nurse 35 years, never heard that excuse from a nurse before. Sad. Just stop what you're doing help the poor person, remember your day will come. The most basic need is the most important sometimes. So do you stop if they want a PAIN pill?

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    Hey guys I'm right with you! Grad date May 2013!. This past semester was a killer, like in killed my GPA, but I made it!

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    Just finished 3rd semester. LPN-RN program, got 3 weeks until Spring term starts. Reading several NCLEX books, answering questions and getting a feel for these type of questions plus the rationales are wonderful so I'm the learning why it's wrong as well. Good luck everyone with your studies!

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    Stay away from the students that bad mouth the instructors, or complain and gripe about everything. When in clinical offer to help others and do it. Don't be late, if anything it's ok to be an hour or so early, use the time to study or go over your pt assignments. Take those care plans serious this is where you hone your critical thinking skills. Know you pathophysiology of you pts disease this will lead your care. Take a break, go have your nails done, get a massage, read something not related to nursing.

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    I've been a LPN for the past 30 years. Fast forward to now, going into the last year of a LPN-RN bridge. Watching ( on my clinical rotations)some of the things I've seen nurses have to put up with in the acute care area and the care or lack of care provided to patients because they are so tied to technology and profit margins is scary. For the past 17 years been working in LTC, a small non-profit org ran by a wonderful religious order and yes when I obtain my RN I'm staying right here. I love nursing, I love nursing, but when young people ask my opinion about entering the profession of nursing I steer them in another direction. The RN programs prepare you with all the technical and critical thinking skills you will need, but they don't prepare you for the harsh reality of the REAL WORLD OF NURSING! Many students in my class are young and not emotionally ready for what's waiting out there lurking around the corner, they are all ready complaining about all the 'Busy Work" the instructors have us doing, I just smile to my self and think "They have no idea of the purpose of the "Busy Work."

    You sound like you an intelligent, caring hardworking and responsible woman the kind of person that is needed in the profession. So sorry to see you go!

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    Just finished 3rd semester TODAY! Final exam study, study, study, passed! Yeaaa! One more semester to go. Graduation May 10 2013!
    This semester started with 140 students we lost 27 up to and including the final. I just wished i would have done this sooner, much sooner. I'll be just short of turning 57 when I graduate. LPN-RN bridge is the route I've taken. It can be done.

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    I just would have done it sooner ( got my RN) and remained in the hospital. I'm a LPN, licensed for the past 30 years, stopped working over the years off an on to have my children (5), was out of active nursing for almost 10 years. Working in long term care for the past 12 years, love it but tiring most days. Now in school for my RN only 1 more semester left, will graduate 2013 when I'm nearly 57 years old. Yes some nurses are mean but those are the ones that are mean whether they were nurses or not. Nursing is a wonderful profession filled with caring, knowledgeable, hardworking, gracious folks. Nursing brings out the best in humanity.

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    Maintain a 3.0 or better in all general ed pre-reqs, best to have them all completed. Can't really say anything about the pre-gen instructors as I only took gen-bio and a communication class at the campus, all my other classes were taken at Inver-Hills. The program is tough but doable. Gotta stay on top of your readings and Power-points or you are so done. There is no lottery, reapply if you don't get in on your first app. I'm a LPN in the 3rd semester of the program, so I didn't go through the 1st year only a Bridge summer term and then directly into 3rd semester. Hope this helps. Good Luck.