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  • Oct 8 '13

    I have lived in Boston for five years. It's a nice city, but very, very, very expensive. Very difficult to find a decent apartment too. In 2005 I paid $1,250/month for my one bedroom (parking was $125/month extra). If you consider how much NY, NJ, CT nurses make, and if you consider cost of living in Boston, it's very obvious that Mass. nurses are grossly underpaid.

  • Sep 22 '13

    In my job, if the nurse feels EMS transport is warranted, or the MD requests it, we have to call EMS, despite any patient or family objections. The family or patient can refuse transport when EMS arrives.

  • Nov 15 '12

    Here is my vent:

    I wish someone had told me that to be a nurse you have to be born with experience. I feel like nursing school is a scam! I feel like I have been lied to. "Go to college, get an education, it will improve your life, you will make more money!" I worked very hard to get through nursing school. Now here I am 6 months later and I do not have a nursing job.

    My reason for going to nursing school was because I wanted to improve my situation in life and help people. My situation still sucks. I still have the same low paying job, now with student loans added to that.

    I have applied everywhere in my area. I cannot move right now due to financial and family reasons.

    I am sick of:

    1. People acting shocked that I can't get a nursing job and giving me "ideas" like "volunteer" or "try such and such hospital". I can't volunteer because I have to work a job to have an income. I have tried "such and such hospital" and every other place within 50 miles of my apartment!

    2. People saying "keep trying! it will happen!" ****, I am trying and I do not need your empty promises!