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    Quote from CDC
    How well the flu vaccine works (or its ability to prevent influenza illness) can range widely from season to season and also can vary depending on who is being vaccinated.
    No medical therapy is 100% effective, though the HPV vaccine is pretty close.

    I used to get the flu periodically, as many people do. In the 10+ years since I've been getting the flu vaccine, I only had the flu once: H1N1, for which I hadn't gotten a vaccine.

    I'm much happier not getting the flu every (approximately) third winter. I'm also pretty sure I haven't infected anyone else with the flu since I haven't been infected with it myself.

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    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    Whether you receive the flu vaccine or not is protected health information. It could be argued that by requiring you to mask if you have not had the vaccine, your employer is violating your privacy.
    Some facilities agree. They'll simply fire employees who refuse.

    I must be the odd one here. I get a flu shot every year even if no one tells me to. Evidence-based medicine persuades me to.

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    ScarletFire, your advisor insisted that "Satire" must be the name of a religion course rather than an English course? Your advisor has an intereteresting take on religion.

    Sometime you wonder, if the people advising us have gone to college, what the point of going to college is.