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    I tried it too. It worked too. So don't worry. You passed. Congrats👍😊

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    Thanks!! Will sure pray. All the best!

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    Congrats! The Pop up trick worked for me too!

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    Hi Everyone,

    First Thanks everyone for all helps during my exam preparation. I would like to share my experience with you. I am an international student.I finished my nursing from India. SO I have to study very hard for becoming RN. I spent my one year in preparation of this exam.

    First time I appeared for NCLEX RN exam on August,2013. I had only 75 questions. And I failed. After I used little bit of kaplan and went through Saunders rarely. Again took date in November 2013. I had again 75 questions and i failed. I was really nervous with my result.After I changed the way of preparing for the exam.

    I started reading Saunders thoroughly and started doing questions from Mosbey question book, Mosbey content (red cover)questions book and Lippincott questions & Answers book. I was getting around 65 to 68% in those books. After doing questions i felt myself very confident.

    I also focused thoroughly on SATA questions.I did these books for SATA:
    1. Ohman David's
    2. Lippincott for alternate items format book.

    For Priority and Delegation questions I did Linda La charity Book. This is very useful book in the exam. I got several same type of questions in my real NCLEX. Don't go for Nclex without doing this book.After sharpened my skill in content and questions, I purchased Kaplan and NCSBN online material.

    Kaplan Q bank average score is 63%
    Q Trainers average score is 66%
    Readiness Test score is 65%

    Kaplan questions are very helpful in the real exam.So try to finish all qbank questions and all q trainers. If you get time then listen LOD Class questions videos for strategies.

    After using Kaplan material I purchased 21 days material of NCSBN. I did mostly all questions and was getting around 60%.But don't be nervous if you get law score in some of the test.The key point to success is keep practicing and pray to god.

    After doing this all i appeared for the test on May 2014. I got only 75 questions and I PASSED)))
    The key point to success is keep practicing and pray to god.
    I did it so you can do it ,too!!!GOOD LUCK!!

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    Hi AmyRN 303. I was looking all comments about NCSBN review course. But I am concern about score of the NCSBN tests.If you dont mind can you please tell us how much score were you getting when you were doing that tests? Thank you.

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    Thanks for your suggestions!!

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    Thank you. NJ2013.I am very happy to see your reply. I will implement as you suggested.But still i am in very tense about this test. If you have any idea about last few days preparation technique. Then you can tell me.

    Thank you Again))

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    I failed NCLEX-RN exam twice (once in Aug-13, and Nov-13). I have been working hard since then for improving my hold on content and critical thinking. I have referred few books like Mosbey, Ohman Davids, Lippincott Q&A, Linda La charity. I have been primarily focusing on Saunders for contents.

    I have been taking tests from some books and online material.

    Mosbey ~70%
    Lippincott ~68%
    La Charity sometimes ~70%, sometimes less than 70%
    Kaplan Test trainer 3-7 ~67%

    I am now doing questions from NCSBN but I am getting around 60-65%. They require above 75%, so I am very concerned about it. I have bought 3wk course and just completed 2 tests.

    I am planning to take test on second week of May, so please share your thoughts
    and pray to GOD!


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    I was inquiring in few schools around for doctorate program and they identified that I am not meeting their working hours requirements. I am currently on H4 visa and cannot work in states until I get an H1. I have finished 4-Year bachelor degree and I meet all course prerequisites for the program.

    I discussed with international adviser of one of the schools to possibly transfer to student visa and work on OPT/CPT after a year to gain work experience, but not sure if its doable.

    Is anyone in the same boat?

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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    Thanks Silverdragon. I will depend on my husband for my immigration. My classes (for bachelor study) were all in English language.

    With that, can I avoid English test?

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    Hello - I am a foreign nurse from India. I am looking for BON suggestion that accept CES report without requiring English proficiency test and SSN.

    I took IELTS and scored 6 bands in speaking and 5.5 overall. I know it doesn't work for Visa Screen, so trying to find a work around if any.


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    Is there a state which does not require English proficiency test?


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    Thanks for your response. That link was really helpful. Social security requirement will become an issue for me. I am on dependent visa and not eligible to get SSN. Does Virgina also have SSN requirement?

    Is this a good idea to apply in some other liberal compact state, and transfer my license to Virginia?


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    I am an international nurse came to the states on dependent Visa. I will be applying either to Board of Nursing Virginia, or Maryland.

    I know Virginia does require English proficiency test. I am trying to find the same for Maryland? Do I have to appear for IELTS/TOEFL if I apply to BON Maryland? My transcripts and study was in English.

    I appreciate your suggestions.


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    Thanks for the suggestion Silverdragon. You are right, I am on dependent visa and cannot obtain SSN. Do I have to appear for English test in VA? My study and transcript are in English.

    You have RN license from VA? Does it make sense to apply to Board of Maryland instead?