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    Thirteen weeks? I'm assuming you meant thirteen months. Anyway, my concern primarily is in the accreditation. Once I finish at VC, no schools in the area will recognize my course work at VC as transferrable except for Chamberlain, since VC is not regionally accredited. Even if I finish my RN to BSN at Chamberlain after graduating from VC, will I be eligible to enter master's or doctorate level programs at brick and mortar regionally accredited schools without repeating the prereqs?

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    I am hoping to get opinions on various schools within Jacksonville. I am currently attending Virginia College, but I am considering changing schools. Chamberlain is the only regionally accredited school in the area that will take my transfer credits. Anywhere else, I start from scratch. What do you think I should do? I can continue at VC, take my NCLEX, and enter Chamberlain's RN to BSN program. I can transfer to Chamberlain now, which is a three year BSN. I can go to FSCJ and then transfer to any four year school for my BSN, but I have to start over. Or, I can go straight for a four year degree from UNF. I like the idea of getting an associate's degree, because it will allow me to work, earn an income, and gain experience while I finish my BSN.

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    I am currently attending a nationally accredited nursing school, working toward an ADN. I chose this over the traditional university route, since it will allow me to work as an RN and gain experience while finishing my BSN through an RN to BSN bridge program. My ultimate goal is to transition into a CRNA school once I finish my BSN and gain the necessary ICU experience.

    My concern is that my choice of schools will haunt my future chances at acceptance into any advanced practice programs. Has anyone here made the transition from ADN, in particular at a for profit school, to advanced practice? Should I count my losses in time and tuition and start over at a regionally accredited university, or will a regionally accredited RN to BSN bridge be adequate?