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  • Oct 14 '12

    Quote from geckoguydrew
    I am currently attending a nationally accredited nursing school, working toward an ADN. I chose this over the traditional university route, since it will allow me to work as an RN and gain experience while finishing my BSN through an RN to BSN bridge program. My ultimate goal is to transition into a CRNA school once I finish my BSN and gain the necessary ICU experience.

    My concern is that my choice of schools will haunt my future chances at acceptance into any advanced practice programs. Has anyone here made the transition from ADN, in particular at a for profit school, to advanced practice? Should I count my losses in time and tuition and start over at a regionally accredited university, or will a regionally accredited RN to BSN bridge be adequate?
    As long as your school is accredited then it shouldn't matter. I attend school with ppl that were diploma nurses, adn and traditional 4 yr degree.

  • Oct 14 '12

    I agree with the previous poster. They care more about your bsn program than adn although all grades count. Make sure your schools are accredited and u will be fine.

  • Oct 14 '12

    Schooling is only one piece of the pie. The ad coms look at many different things, such as grades, experience, references etc. I took the same route you are planning to take. I did my ADN at community college, started working and gaining experience. I then completed my RN-BSN online and I'm now almost two months into my CRNA training.