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  • May 16 '13

    I am not familiar with that program but I too just got accepted into a PN program in NY starting in Sept. 2013. Congrats on your acceptance and best of luck to you!

  • May 16 '13

    Congrats I didn't know Wright has started back their lpn program. Last I was told they had closed it. However I hope things go smooth for you. When I was at right I had a lot of problems.

  • May 16 '13

    Quote from princezzav
    I was just recently accepted to the LPN program at Wright College. Is there anyone else starting in June 2013? Is anyone familiar with the program? I'm excited and a bit nervous. Any info would be appreciated.

    I have also been accepted to the program starting in June at Wright College. I have to go see the financial aid department. and I had questions about the class times. Are you going to register on the 21st? I also have to rush and get a doctors appointment. It feels as though everything is rushed and we got our acceptance letter late so I hope they give us some slack. Good luck!

  • May 13 '13

    Not familiar with that program but I wanted to say congratulations! Best wishes as you begin your LPN studies.

  • Oct 18 '12

    Quote from smm22
    Wait is over!! Accepted!!

    I applied to three different schools, got acceptance with two. After much soul searching, decided on the part time bridge! Whoo hoo!!!!!

    Beyond excited!!!

  • Oct 14 '12

    My friend got a job as a LPN in Casa Central in Chicago. She says they started her at $23/hr! Don't know if it's true though!

  • Oct 14 '12

    I reccomend seeking out and talking to people who work in the field. For several years, I wanted to know the same thing, in my area- how much lvns make. Finally, I talked to a few lvns in snfs, and asked a few classmates. Just let people know you are trying to get into nursing school and you might be able to start networking and get the answers to your questions. Make sure you talk to new grads. The other way I learned about the pay is by asking the dsd or dons when I applied for cna jobs. I made sure to ask if they hire new grads also. HTH!!

  • Oct 14 '12

    Do you absolutely have to work while in school? Why don't just go for the RN program? Once you complete the LPN and pass your NCLEX you have to work as aLPN for at least 1 year (some places even 2) before you can apply for the LPN to RN bridge program. Good luck!