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  • Dec 23 '17

    At least cover the body with a blanket to hide the lines/blood

  • Nov 13 '17

    Amen. I couldn't agree more. When Press-Ganey is officially dead and buried I will be ecstatic. Worst thing, how everyone has networked on everyone else so that we have extremes driving healthcare of comfortable bed versus life.

  • Nov 13 '17

    I would also wish to have a increase budget for preventative medicine.

  • Nov 9 '17

    Pay school nurses a reasonable wage!

  • Sep 11 '17

    Quote from T-Bird78
    She did an amazing job, and her hospital was great at backing her up. My thought on this is, what if she hadn't stood her ground and allowed that sample to be taken due to the undue pressure from the police? She'd most likely be out of a job and persecuted for a breach of protocol. She saved not just her patient, but also herself and her hospital from major repercussions by sticking to her guns. I wonder how often this happens in the ER and it's not caught on camera. I think we can all agree she's our hero!
    You make an important point about the hospital being "great at backing her up." Doing the right thing for our patients is so much easier when we feel that administration is backing us up. Joy

  • Sep 11 '17

    She was just amazing. She handled herself in a way that does credit to her profession and herself. What a role model. What a strong woman. She makes me proud to be a nurse.

  • Sep 11 '17

    My husband who is a nurse and I were both stunned when we saw the video. I used to work in a Level I Trauma center emergency department and we had similar guidelines for legal blood draws and for providing information to law enforcement. I was so very proud of nurse Wubbles. We discussed advocacy in my senior year ethics class in nursing school. I can still recall the dean of nurses who taught the class saying, "You may be the only one standing up for the rights of your patient who may not be capable to take that stand." I always took this quite seriously and it helped me manage in intimidating situations. Thank you for your thought provoking article.

  • Sep 11 '17

    Quote from klone
    I heard an update yesterday that the unconscious patient was an off-duty police officer from another town.
    Yes, from Rigby Idaho, just over the northern Utah border., he is a reserve sheriff ... and his department publicly thanked Alex for protecting him as a patient.

  • Sep 11 '17

    Quote from ItsThatJenGirl
    Med lab scientist.
    Its late. I'm tired, and I read this as MAD lab scientist!!!

  • Aug 20 '17

    You are a nurse.

    I am an LPN. I am also an RN. I have both licenses and passed both different NCLEX exams.

    When I had only my LPN I was constantly asked why didn't I get my RN or when was I going to go and get my RN.

    Now I have my RN and guess what I get asked now? When am I/why don't I go on and get my, because I don't want to be an NP? I'm quite happy where I'm at thank you!

  • Aug 20 '17

    Universal Truth #427: Some people are just jerks.

  • Aug 20 '17

    If it makes you feel any better, every once in a while, i get the backhanded compliment "you're so smart, why didn't you go to medical school."

  • Aug 20 '17

    Hey allnurses!
    So today I was upset by a comment/question one of my coworkers made.
    I am currently working as a CNA but I graduated from an LPN program and passed the NCLEX (currently looking for an LPN job). I don't want to let people know that I passed the boards or that I'm looking for a job, so as far as they know, I've only graduated from the program.

    Anyway, today one of my coworkers asked me if I was a nurse, I said "no, not yet" she then asked "but you went to school to be a nurse right?" I said "yes I did" she then asked "so are you going to be a real nurse, or just an LPN?" I was VERY bothered by this question and I absolutely DESPISE when people don't see LPNs as nurses.

    LPN, for people who are ignorant, stands for Licensed vocational NURSE! LPNs need to take and pass the NCLEX (the board examination that "real nurses" take) to be able to work as a NURSE. We need to apply and get accepted into a program which is NOT very easy. We study human anatomy, physiology, microbiology, AND pass those courses with A's or B's to get into a program. We spend clinical hours in various settings not only shadowing nurses but also getting hands on experience as the role of a NURSE. We've been in clinics, hospitals, long term care facilities, sub acute, psych units. I've passed meds (PO, SQ, IM), I've seen a live birth (assisted as much as I was allowed), Did trach care, reported with other nurses/doctors... I mean, I'm not going to go on and explain what I did as an LPN/LVN student. Point is, I went to school to study to be a NURSE, period. I passed the NURSING board to practice as a NURSE in my state. I really hate to be label as "just an LVN", "LVN" or "Not a real nurse". I'm a NURSE, darn it! And just because I did LPN/LVN doesn't mean it was easy, it was a very complicated, long, difficult journey!!

    So, Why do people think that LVN's are not nurses? Is there a reason I don't know about as to why LVN/LPNs are not respected as "real nurses"?
    Just wanted to know reasons why we ARE nurses. Maybe there's something I don't know.
    Also, just to have reasons to tell other people why we ARE nurses. The only thing I was able to tell my coworker was that we do everything "real nurses" do except IVs (even then some states can do IV's).

    Thanks guys, just a little annoyed, can't formulate words that well lol

  • Jul 27 '17

    Absolutely not. It's not relevant to the care that you are providing, and you shouldn't be searching for info on patients online in the first place.

  • Jul 18 '17

    Quote from T-Bird78
    with a sister named Eileen!
    Good one!