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Evidence-Based Practice by Nurses for Nurses: Encouraging Waiting Spontaneous Labor

The Role of Evidence in Women's Health Care - Are You Encouraging Waiting for Spontaneous Labor? Keeping women healthy during pregnancy and childbirth is critical not only to the health of the baby but also for the woman's lifelong health. Complications sustained during childbirth, including complications of cesarean birth, can negatively impact a woman's mental and physical health in the immediate postpartum period and in the long-term. Her newborn can be affected as complications can... Read More →

Pressure Ulcers: Two New Reports from the EHC Program

AHRQ commissioned two systematic reviews of research on the topic. The first addressed risk assessment tools and treatment. In an effort to minimize costs and potential complications, clinicians use many tools to assess a patient's risk for pressure ulcers. But how useful and accurate are these tools? And does their effectiveness differ depending on the patient or the clinical setting? In addition to prevention efforts, there are many treatments options that promote healing, shorten healing... Read More →

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