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    @Kuyafern: Thank you for your reply! I already called the BON about this matter.

    @mayang143: I think the HANDLE deliveries are the ACTUAL deliveries. I sent the same copy of cases you sent, and my analyst did not ask for actual anymore. I know it's hard to reach the board, but try calling again and again and be patient enough until an operator can talk to you. If the operator cannot answer your query, just request to be connected to your analyst. Sometimes, the analyst cannot answer your call, so just leave a message. They really do get back to you as soon as they can. Clinical rotation records, i think, refers to the duty schedule you've been following from 1st-4th year. And yes, you can request that from your DEAN. Good luck on your application!

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    HI! So I applied for the NCLEX exam here in California last month. After 3 weeks, I got a letter response from the board. Unfortunately, they are asking for additional documents. These include:

    > A copy of your clinical rotation schedule, registration forms and class schedule

    After giving my school a copy of the letter, they said they could process everything except the REGISTRATION FORMS because they don't know what these are. And I don't know what these are either.

    Do you guys know what REGISTRATION FORMS are?

    Please reply to this post if you do. It could help me complete my application requirements. Thank you!