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  • May 22 '13

    I truly believe (even if I forget in my darkest personal moments) that a window does open when the door closes. You don't have to see the window yet-you will when it is time to move on through it.

    Please take care of yourself and wait for the window-there will be light.

    I truly believe after having read everything you have written that you could be an author. I am serious-ponder it. You truly do have a gift for words. Don't know if that is your window.

    From my standpoint you are a source of light for many of us.

  • Oct 9 '12

    Hi! First off, I think St. Kate's really rocks. I did my BS there several years ago and when I decided to try to get accepted to nursing school, they were my first any only choice. You are right; they do seem to be the only school around here that provides a program for people who need to work as well as go to nursing school.

    I hear that the program is pretty competitve, and I was honestly kind of surprised when I got my acceptance letter. My GPA in my undergrad wasn't awful, but it wasn't the 4.0 I've heard many applicants say they have. Remember, sometimes people who are thinking about nursing school will take several of the generals, which can make their GPA look better or they may have a 4.0 in their prereqs (not necessarily in their undergrad).

    I can't speak for who will be accepted or why they will be accepted. But take time to write an honest essay that really reflects who you are. Really, they are just asking you to tell them about how you got to this point in your life and how it has made you who you are. Then you can tie that in to how that will make you a great nurse. Keep it short and sweet. Mine was no more than a page and a half typed, and I really feel that my essay is what got me accepted.

    My advice is not to be intimidated by the process. There are potential nursing students out there who have wanted this intensely for a long time and have worked really hard on taking lots of classes, sometimes just to attain that stellar GPA that *might* help them get accepted. I've spent a lot of time at St. Kate's in the past and I know they are looking for students who are going to succeed as nurses, but they also realize that a 4.0 GPA isn't necessarily a gaurantee of that success.

    I hope that helps ease your mind a little bit! Good luck to you!

  • Oct 8 '12

    The cheapest thing that you need the most is ENDURANCE . It is not the brightest that succeed but the ability to pick yourself up repeatedly that will be the marker of your success.

  • Oct 8 '12

    I would record only the most important lectures (If I was weak on a subject that's what I would record) and then listen to it as I was running at the gym so I can fast forward the unimportant topics.

    I always thought maybe I should figure out how to make subliminal messages, layer the important lectures inside my fav songs and learn away! LMAO!

  • Oct 8 '12

    Honestly? I'm a "techie" and my best "gadget? A nice spiral bound notebook. I think I have about 15 FULL notebooks with ALL of my notes. I literally outlined EVERY book we had to read. That's how I learn. Many would type the outlines or notes as they read, but that didnt' work for me. The physical steps of writing is what made it stick in my head. I never had to go back an study because writing it out did it all for me!

    I am a pen/paper LOVER...I can peruse the isles for the PERFECT notebook and the PERFECT pen, it kills my husband. I prefer the cheaper 3-5 subject notebooks, college rule only and FAT pens! LOL! Those were the perfect gadgets. Highlighters were color coded and pen colors were coded also. I am not protective of my phone, but heaven help my children if they messed with my pens or highlighters! LMAO!