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    Online programs are not accredited with your state board of nursing. State BONs only recognize "in-state" schools and they are only concerned with schools that prepare students for licensure.

    So, if you are looking to enter the nursing field you should go to a physical campus in your state. As a matter of fact you will NOT find a pre-nursing program (completely) online due to the clinical elements required in earning an AS Nursing degree.

    If you however are looking at the RN to BSN programs, those can be completed online. As far as state recognition is concerned you do not need to pursue a BSN with a school that is recognized in your state because the RN to BSN does not lead to state licensure. Students in RN to BSN program ALREADY have taken their state exams (because they are RNs) and they are simply looking to further their education. At this level you should be looking at other types of accreditation such as CCNE, NLNAC...etc....not state approval.

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    Quote from AJJKRN
    Tread carefully with Kaplan (and everywhere else )! They are awesome for test preps but...when I was looking for my RN to BSN program about two years ago I was very interested in Kaplan until I found out that while their RN to BSN is accredited, their BSN to NP was not!

    The rep was making the two programs sound seamless and giving me a good discount because of miscellaneous things like being a newer grade, high GPA, etc. When I asked the rep about the NP program not being accredited she said that while it was not currently accredited that they were working on it and that by the time I would be close to finishing the NP program that it "should be"..."should be". oop:

    They may be accredited now but it amazed me that a university or college could offer a program that would not lead to the degree the student was actually attending and paying them for. I still don't know how this is possible!

    Good Luck
    You may want to do some research about program development and how accreditation works. A school first has to begin a program and then seek accreditation. Programs are NEVER accredited from day one. Accrediting bodies won't even look at a program until its fully launched and sometimes at least a year in operation.

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    The Kaplan RN to MSN program is a two-tiered program that includes the BSN. Students entering this program are considered Bachelors degree students FIRST and then continue on to a shortened MSN. The tuition below is based on students entering the program and choosing a non-NP specialization.

    The tuition for the BSN portion of the RN to MSN program is currently $315.00 per credit hour which covers instructional materials, including textbooks. The MSN portion of the RN to MSN program is currently $295.00 per credit** and books are NOT included in the Masters level portion. Also, there is a technology fee of $200.00 per term, which covers access to the online library, internal student e-mail, additional resources (technical support, student services, academic advising, career services, and tutoring) and involves a communication system that allows our faculty and staff to work seamlessly across the country with our students. Total estimated tuition costs: $40,000 to $45,000.

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    The MSN Nurse Administrator program is online. In the final class, Practicum in Nursing, you will develop a project that is designed to examine or improve the quality of care to patients, improve clinical practice, or address a regulatory or accreditation concern. Part of the project includes working with a preceptor in a health setting for 125 clock hours. Final projects may include presentation, papers, seminars for staff at the facility, or other agreed upon activities. A letter of agreement will be completed between the health setting you select and Kaplan University to ensure that the practicum experience is structured and supported to meet the course objectives.

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    We do not specify it that way because we cannot speak for the CCNE or any other organization besides our own.

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    Yes, you are correct. Kaplan's post-Masters Graduate Certificates are not accredited by the CCNE. If you contact the CCNE they will inform you that they do not accredit certificate programs. They only accredit degree programs. For those nurses looking to pursue a post-Masters NP graduate certificate, rest assured that you will still meet the educational requirements to sit for the ANCC national certification exam as long as your MSN was from a CCNE-accredited school.