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  • Nov 13 '12

    This is just a word of mouth but I was told last night that some schools have re-opened their MSN NP programs after going solely with DNP. Also, that no states as of yet have confirmed any intentions, such as that DNP would be the new barrier to entry to practice.

  • Nov 13 '12

    There are a bunch of existing threads here discussing those questions -- have you looked at them?

    There is no "requirement" -- this is still a proposal by some of the academic nursing organizations. The larger nursing community doesn't seem to be jumping on the bandwagon too enthusiastically (the NLN, the "other" big-name academic nursing organization, has come out against the idea). AFAIK, the only advanced practice group that has really embraced the idea is the CRNAs, and their target date for requiring a doctorate is 2025, not 2015 (however, even that is still a "target," not cast in stone). However, there is no denying that many schools are already converting their MSN advanced programs into DNP programs. A lot of us suspect that is largely about $$$. The MSN-vs.-DNP question may become an increasingly moot point as time passes and it becomes more difficult to find an MSN advanced practice program, even without a requirement. However, I'm not aware of any state that has indicated it has any plans to start requiring a DNP.

  • Nov 12 '12

    I am currently in the 4th class of the MSN-Informatics program at Kaplan. I was very scared at first because I was unsure of the whole online thing. The staff at Kaplan are extremely friendly and care about you. The instructors interact on the discussion board and treat you like a person. I got my BSN from one of those "diploma mill" schools. I didn't know it at the time but now do now. That school is now out of business. Kaplan is about $1900 per course.... I am so happy that I chose Kaplan. I think you should try them. They have the 5 week committment where you can try the course for 5 weeks without any committment. You do not pay if you are not happy within those 5 weeks but I do believe you will be happy. Best of luck to everyone. If you have any questions you can contact me. I will gladly speak to you.

  • Oct 23 '12

    You can alwasy go to the CCNE and NLNAC web sites and search.