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  • Feb 7 '16

    Quote from AJJKRN
    Tread carefully with Kaplan (and everywhere else )! They are awesome for test preps but...when I was looking for my RN to BSN program about two years ago I was very interested in Kaplan until I found out that while their RN to BSN is accredited, their BSN to NP was not!

    The rep was making the two programs sound seamless and giving me a good discount because of miscellaneous things like being a newer grade, high GPA, etc. When I asked the rep about the NP program not being accredited she said that while it was not currently accredited that they were working on it and that by the time I would be close to finishing the NP program that it "should be"..."should be". oop:

    They may be accredited now but it amazed me that a university or college could offer a program that would not lead to the degree the student was actually attending and paying them for. I still don't know how this is possible!

    Good Luck
    You may want to do some research about program development and how accreditation works. A school first has to begin a program and then seek accreditation. Programs are NEVER accredited from day one. Accrediting bodies won't even look at a program until its fully launched and sometimes at least a year in operation.