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  • Oct 6 '12

    I'll keep applying until I get into a nursing program. CCRI is not the only option. I'm not going to lie, but I'm still emotional about it. As far as 3.8 gpa, there was only 40 spots in Newport. 40 people had better grades. Lincoln had 72 spots, me and the rest of my friends applied there with B or better grades, we all had no luck. Providence took as low as 94 points in the spring. My one night program friend has been applying to Lincoln nights for 3 years, she has a 3.30 gpa. No luck so far. Button line is you need a 4.0 and A's in order to compete in a pool of people, but no one knows next time the pool of people good be average B students. It's like playing the lotto. Changes every application period. Best time to apply is in the spring. More campuses, more spots, better the chances are. I think I can speak for all of us who didn't get in, we have been delayed, but not derailed! It's a lifelong dream for me that I need to accomplish before my time is up on this earth. So I'll keep fighting, no mountain big enough to get in my way of my goals!