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    Hello Everyone, I am currently a full-time college student. This is my last semester of pre reqs for most nursing programs. I have found that all of the community colleges in my area have long wait lists. Unfortunately, the cu and csu programs are very competitive, hard to get accepted, and also have wait lists. I have looked into private colleges and the prices are outrageous BUT the programs and the time are perfect. Due to money issues this is not an option. Someone suggested I take a cna course and find a job that will reimburse my tuition costs. I have thought about going for my lvn..I am currently pursuing my rn or bsn depending on the length of time for completion. I feel as though investing so much time and money for an lvn is not a good idea. The lvn program is 1 yr and is about 35,000 less per yr than rn. I am a single mother and that is alot of money to let slip away just because I can't get into an rn program. Please help. I have two little ones who depend on me and im only getting older. A little info on me: 2 kids one will be in college in 5 yrs and the other isnt old enough for school. I am 32 yrs old. Highschool graduate and ged holder as of 2010.