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  • Jan 6 '13

    Quote from PureLifeRN
    I cant stand this type of argument. Why is it always assumed that BSN's DONT know what they are doing?!?
    Uh, because no one said that? The woman said exactly what she meant, which was that she'd rather have a nurse that knew what they were doing. She never at any time specified which degree the person who "knew what they were doing" had. It's really simply stated: she doesn't care what degree her nurses have as long as they know what they're doing.

  • Oct 1 '12

    The questions with three right answers drove me crazy!! They called it critical thinking, but I called it fluff.

  • Sep 30 '12

    Quote from RNsRWe
    Ok, let me try again.

    You and I are not on different sides of an issue here; actually we are in total and complete agreement. However, in saying you were harsh toward the OP I was pointing out that you seem to have judged her wrongly. Your post said you were repulsed by the attitude that being an RN made someone "too good" for CNA work, and I was simply stating that nowhere in the OP's post OR attitude, in my opinion, gave this message. The OP was merely inquiring if an arrangement like the one she described would be normal (as she's new): and frankly, it's a silly use of staffing. It's been pointed out by others that having one MORE nurse on the floor and one LESS aide would actually work out better for everyone--the nurses do their own cares, etc.

    I'm giving the OP more credit than you are probably because I don't see her post as 'not wanting to do CNA work' because it is beneath her, but simply because she'd rather take a NURSING assignment. Heck, what's the problem with that? Her nursing assignment would obviously include cna/tech work if there wasn't any aide on the floor....but it struck me that she might prefer that. Why assume she just didn't want to do it at all? And, to be fair, you've used the same broad brush to define ME as well.... incorrectly, I might add.

    My facility has zero CNAs. Can't say it wouldn't be nice, though; it's endoscopy and I assure you we see puh-lenty of "poop"

    Ok, let me try again...I believe that I apologized for any misunderstandings from my earlier post. Either way, the OP probably doesn't need you to defend her/him. I never cease to be amazed with the touchy people on this site. I apologized to you to for that matter, so if that is not good enough for you or there are some other reasons that you feel like continuing to argue with me.....too bad..I am done. To all of the others that may have understood what I meant, CHEERS!