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  • Apr 30 '17

    It was hell for me to find my first nursing job. I did everything suggested in Nurse Beth's response. And more.

    started applying and networking from the very first day of nursing school.

    i even sent out resumes and spoke to the nurse managers at my clinical rotations (kindly, respectfully, non-aggressively).

    Paid a lot of money to have my resume professionally rewritten.

    went to every single clinical instructor I had and said "I would love to get hospital experience before I become an NP. Do you have any advice about how I can land a job?"

    i I went to CEUs in what little spare time I had

    got to know other nurses at my internship and felt like I fit in

    applied to jobs that I felt that fewer, experienced nurses wanted (nights/weekends)....always low balled it when the application asked me how much I wanted to make. Even if it meant living in poverty and renting out a shoe box

    several times I dressed up nice, office-casual and made my hair up into a perfectly coiffed bun. Applied some light makeup, put on my heel-scraping dress shoes and walked from hospital to hospital. Going into any med surg unit that would allow me access. I handed my resume to nurse managers with a warm smile and a handshake. One of them was and said she'd get back to me. One of them told me to come back in a week. When I returned exactly 7 days later, she blew up at me. Threw the resume in my face and yelled at me for being so arrogant as to come back and ask about job opportunities. I smiled warmly and said "if you know of any. You have my number."

    went to job fairs for nurses

    went to professional career counselors who led classes on finding work and perfecting your elevator pitch

    emailed and called my old professors and explained that I was still six months unemployed. They were sympathetic but had no ideas for me (one told me to apply to be a travel nurse.....with no experience.)

    I sent 500 resumes out. Nothing

    then I moved to Texas and got 4 job offers in a week.

    quit giving out stupid career advice and just cut to the chase: go where the jobs are.