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    I used east west nursing review center in Manila at recto area

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    The time management you learned from med surg will help when you transition to the fast paced will just have to learn how to work with three to four different patients at a time with different cases...

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    At least I think there's less politics at nights though they place new nursing grads that are inexperienced at nights...tough for those experienced ones who get the worst and sickest patients....

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    Somehow working nights means being away from managers that don't do much but look over everything you do. In our area, there is a closer knit of staff that work together as a team compared to day shift. i have been working from 7p to 7a for the past 13 + years and the only regret I have is that days off are spent sleeping instead of doing something else. I am a mom and I get to be home when my child comes from school...have time for homework and by the time I leave the house for work, we had dinner already.