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    Hi All!

    Okay, I just graduated in May 2012. I start working next week and this is my first job as a RN out of nursing school so I have no previous RN experience.
    I want to know if anyone can recommend a brief list of:
    1.)commonly given medications in the ICU
    2.)common need to know nursing skills (ie: trach suction)
    3.)Any other ICU advice or anything that I should brush up on?

    I have looked over but it seems like WAY too many attachments and it seems like it is more written towards the authors own hospital and experience.
    I just need a simple breakdown of top, essential, need to know information without having to read through a million attachments like the website has.

    I will be learning a lot in my 3 month orientation so I do not need to read ALOT of information, just some essential advice that I should know before my first day so I don't look like a complete idiot when I don't know some things that I should know through nursing school.
    Thank you!