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    Hi I'm deeply considering applying to the Army Nurse Candidate Program. I'm just curious on what life in the Nurse Corps is like? I'm not looking to making it a life long career, I'm thinking I'll do one stint or two. I do want to deploy and would like to know how many times I can expect to deploy in one 4-5 year stint? And how long deployments last. I also looked toward the Navy because I hear they travel more but my heart is calling for the Army. How long is BOLC? What is it like? Is it fork and knife school with some PT thrown in? Does the Army do things similar to the Navy in that they most likely make you nurse in an Army hospital the first year or two before deploying you? And do they have three big hospitals I am likely to be sent to like the Navy has its big three? Is it easy to make friends in BOLC and on base? Any advice and experiences would be helpful. Thank You!

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    Thank you breezee9. Do you know how many slots a year there are? And does the board only meet in October or throughout the year?

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    I'm only in first year of pre-nursing but everyone says I need to apply asap. When is the earliest I should apply and when should I start speaking to a recruiter? Let me give some info about the univeristy deadlines I'll have when transfering from my community college. Basically I will be able to apply to this nursing program in january 2014(after my grades from 1st semester sophomore year are in). If accepted I will begin nursing school in fall 2014. So when should I begin speaking with a recruiter, when can I/should I be able to start the application process? How long does the process usually take? What are my chances with getting in with 3.8 GPA and volunteer work at hospital(don't know if volunteering will help). What will boost my chances the most(besides GPA). Thanks! And any other info would help!

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    Hi I'm just curious on my chancing of getting into the Navy Nurse Candidate Progran. I have a 3.8 GPA, volunteer at two local hospitals, can get plenty of references. Are my chances good? Then where is ODS located at? A silly question would be if I have to cut my hair for ODS(not important but just wondering as I know bootcamp they do). I'm hoping to get stationed at either Bethesda or Porthmouths that way I can drive to see my family once in a while. Am I allowed to go out of state on off days? I'm hoping I could do it at least once or twice a month if I'm stationed at one of the two. Is there a good chance I will get stationed at one of those two? Thanks for any answers!

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    Basically I did my pre req at a community college and will apply for a nursing school across town here in the US. If I get accepted into the NNCP I want to go a year at this univeristy but I want to do my last year of nursing school at the Univeristy College London. I've always wanted to do this. I know I can use pell grant at certian international schools but can I use NNCP money to go to an international nursing school?