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    Dear all,

    I've applied to CVS and CGFNS already sent my report to NYS education dep.. My question is, is there a deadline for applying the NCLEX test? Can I applying the text next year?

    And how long CGFNS would keep my record?


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    Thanks Gold2010,

    Yes, I know it is the fastest way...... lol I hope he will too!

    But, by the way any other possible way?

    I am sure I can't get a employer to hire me before Apr of next year, that's mean I have to wait til Arp 2014?!
    That's just too long to wait... Shocked!

    I think I could take and pass the NCLEX exam next year.

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    Can someone tell me more about travel nursing?

    Can a foreign RN be a travel nurse in US?

    What is the requirement to be a travel nurse in US?

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I am from Hong Kong and I have applied for the CVS.
    Because my boyfriend is a US citizen, I want to know is there way that I can go to US to work as soon as I get my NY license...

    It will be such a long time to wait for the H1b visa...
    No other possible ways?

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    Thanks for your reply.

    If I get a job offer and then apply for the visa, which one will proceed faster? and How long does it take?

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    Dear all,

    How long does it usually take from applying the visa screen to receiving the work permit or green card to go to Amercia for work?

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    I'm also applying for the licensure of NY and having the same question....

    But I just answered "NO" to that question on Form 1. Casue I'm a non-US educated applicant and I didn't need to take the SBPT nor the NCLEX examination in order to get my license. No such information about the exam results can be provided by my licensing authority. So I didn't complete the Form 3.

    I think it's alright, cause CGFNS will forward the verification of licensure to them later.
    ( I just guess, but many people say only Form 1 is needed for the foreign student.)

    I'm submitting the Form 1 and CVS application forms at the same time as instructed by CGFNS. So I already finished that course and certificate will be sent to NYSED electronically. I think you can take it anytime just before you filling out Form 1, cause you have to answer the question no.24 on Form 1.

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    I am a non-US educated applicant holding an active license in Hong Kong. ( Not US license )

    For the question no. 19 in NYSED application Form 1:
    Do you now hold, or have you ever held, a license or certificate to practice any profession* in any jurisdiction?

    Should I answer "NO" and do not list any information about my licensure in the boxes provided?

    (I am not going to complete the Form 3.)

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    Dear all,

    I am applying the CVS and I will send the application form and authorization forms to CGFNS by this week.

    I realized the address of CGFNS on the online application form is:
    P.O.Box 8628, Philadelphia, PA 19101-2651 USA

    I am confused..... Should I send my application form to this address??

    Or just to send them all to the address provided in the CGFNS website:
    PO Box 8628, Philadelphia, PA 19101-8628 USA ?

    Please kindly answer my question.

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    Thanks for your information.

    Actually I did send the NYSED an email for the inquiry last night.

    Cause I know it takes almost 6-8 months for the review of the application and any missing documents will delay the process of review. so I would like to make sure I make no mistake in the application.

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    Can someone answer the rest of my questions?? (- -):

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    Dear all,

    I am a registered nurse in Hong Kong. Currently, I am applying for the lincensure of New York State. I have a few questions about the application and called NYSED for several times but no one answered my call.....

    Please kindly answer my question if you have experience of CVS application.

    My questions:
    1. Do I need to fill out the application Form 3? (I am holding a Hong Kong license.)

    2. Besides the application Form 1, personal check and the copy of my nursing diploma, do I need to submit any other documents like school transcript?

    3. Should I submit all the documents needed to NYSED when I applied the CGFNS or after CGFNS has sent my report to them?

    Thank you for your attention, please kindly answer my questions!!

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    Thanks for your reply. ^^So, I do not need to submit those documents to NYSED, right?How about the Form 3? Do I need to fill this out?

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    I am a registered nurse in Hong Kong. Currently, I am applying the RN lincense of the New York State. I have some questions about the application, hope someonw will kindly answer my questions.

    My Questions:

    1. Do I need to fill out the NYSED Form 3?
    ((As I've read in the From 1, "Complete this form 3 if you hold, or have ever held, a license or certificate to practice any profession* in any jurisdiction." Is it applied to all nurses or US nurses who hold a lincese in another state?))

    2. Do I need to send my transcripts and original lincense to NYSED?
    Actually I know CGFNS will send forms to my school and licensure authority for verification of my attendance and licensure then prepare a report and sent it to NYSED.

    According to the License Requirements in the website, however, the General Information & Policies state that:

    Verifying Your Credentials

    To ensure authenticity of credentials, the New York State Education Department's Office of the Professions requires evidence of your compliance with each licensure requirement be sent directly to us from the organization where you met the requirement (e.g., school, testing agency, licensing authority, certifying board, hospital, employer, etc.). These records and documents must bear an original (not photocopied) signature of the official who maintains the records and stamp or seal of the institution where the credentials are maintained.
    You are responsible for asking organizations to complete and directly submit to us the documentation you need. Keep a record of your verification requests.

    .... so, do I need to send them those documents?

    Please kindly answer my questions!!