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    While the pharmacy, prescribing doctor, and nurse writing new orders should be mindful of cross checking the pt's allergies, ID, and correct order that doesn't always happen. I worked in a facility where a pt had a documented allergy to Dilantin. The doctor ordered Dilantin, the pharmacy sent the blister pack, and the nurse wrote the order on the MAR. If it hadn't been for checking the new med against the allergy list I would have given the Dilantin to the pt. I also worked in a facility where we received a pt from a LTC facility and a copy of the MAR was sent with the pt. The receiving nurse updated our med list by this MAR which ended up being for a completely different pt. The pt later ended up in ICU due to med errors. The MAR went through EMS, the receiving nurse, doctor, pharmacy, and floor nurse before figuring out the MAR was for the wrong pt. Bottom line-it is the nurse giving the med who will ultimately be held responsible.