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  • Sep 28 '12

    It's so good to read an encouraging story. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sep 28 '12

    I am so glad you shared your story. I relate so much to this. I too never thought I would be a nurse. I did not think I was smart enough and I never thought I had an interest. When my health care related program of choice was delayed due to a backed up petition process I decided to see what nursing school was like. I completely fell in love with the profession and I haven't looked back since. I often times feel guilty when I hear other nurses speak of how they wanted to be a nurse since they were in kindergarten. I was a late bloomer I guess but I am so glad other people have had a similar experience.

  • Sep 21 '12

    A lady came into my OB-GYN office last month for a pre-op exam. I asked her what she was having done, and she said, "Well, it's really bladder surgery, but while they're there, they'll remove my overalls"

  • Sep 21 '12

    Doing OBGYN telephone advice this week, I had a patient ask me, "I'm thinking of trying to get pregnant. How do I stop my birth control pills?"

    We pass around the TSTB* questions when we need a laugh...

    (* too stupid to breed)

    color me clueless,

    8/14: Today's advice seeking winner called to ask about switching from depo provera to birth control pills...she said when she'd been on them b4 she had terrible headaches, but thought that those were from her ex-husband....

  • Sep 21 '12

    I had a patient with only one leg who kept trying to get out of bed without his prosthesis. Found him in a heap on his mat one more time. He goes, "Before you say anything maam, I did not fall. It was a controlled landing."

  • Sep 20 '12

    Quote from studentnurse9806
    This may seem like a silly question, but the reason I bring it up is because not only have i never had kids, I have no experience at all in mother/baby, only my clinical (im a nursing student finishing up my last year). In addition, im 21, short, skinny, and get that I look very young... some people go as far as to say i look like im 14 lol. I know appearance should have nothing to do with my ability to care for patients, and I dont think it will once I gain the experience i need to and become comfortable working as a nurse. I was just wondering if mothers would feel comfortable receiving care and newborn education from someone that looks so young and inexperience .... any youngsters in mother/baby that want to share their experience? maybe im just over analyzing this idk lol but I really want to work in maternity!
    Don't worry about that. Im a L&D RN, and I have no kids. It makes no difference. You don't have to have gone through cancer to be a good oconology nurse

  • Sep 17 '12

    When I was a student nurse, I was working Mother/Baby during a clinical rotattion. I had just taken a baby in to her Mom to be fed when the lady from the Health Dept. came in to register the birth. As one might expect, the mother and father were not married, in fact the father was a "sperm donor"- a non participant in this baby's life.
    When the Health Dept. lady asked the mother for the baby's name, she said ( I SWEAR!) "I don't know how to pronounce it, but I made it up, and I have it written down." She then reached into the drawer of her bedside table and pulled out a small piece of notepaper. On it were 23 DIFFERENT LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET! The lady asked her if this was the name she wanted for her child on her birth certificate, and the mother said "yes." The lady dutifully copied the letters down.
    If I hadn't seen this with my own eyes, I never would've believed it! Can you imagine the nickname the mother probably gave the child...ABC?