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    Not going to UCCS but I'm starting an online post master's FNP program at annout of state university and I live in C Springs. I'd love to meet some other FNP students in the area. Do you guys already have clinical placements? I have to find my own and I'm not sure where to start!

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    I just got my acceptance letter for the University of South Alabama's DNP/post-master's FNP program!! Anyone else headed to USA's DNP program in the fall 2013? Part of me is excited and part of me is wondering what i just got myself into! I live in CO and I'm already wondering how I will find a preceptor for my clinicals. Anyone have advice for finding a preceptor? I don't believe the school is able to help simce I am out of state. d

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    It may have to do with your state's requirement for prescriptive authority. I ran into this recently as well. I actually have 7 years of prescribing experience but then I took 3 years off to stay at home with my kids. When I reinstated my NP license they wouldn't reinstate my prescriptive authority b/c they said I actually never applied for it and you have to either transfer (endorse) your prescriptive authority from another state OR have graduated in the past two years. Not sure what state you are in but I did my research and this was the case in SC, CO, and NV (the states where I have worked). Hope you get it figured out...I'm annoyed that I have to re-take an expensive class simply b/c of a clerical error 10 years ago.

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    Hi has anyone taken the RN refresher course from colorado AHEC? I'm an APN who just moved to CO and I've already been hired (yeah!) but now I'm having trouble transferring my current APN license from another state. Even though my APN license transfers fine w 2 years of practice in the past 5 years this is not the case with my RN. So I'm told I need to take an RN refresher course and I need to get it done ASAP so I was wondering how quickly u can complete the online portion of the course and how quickly can I set up the clinical portion? Thanks!

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    Your CE needs to reflect topics that pertain to your NP certification. So if you are a board certified FNP, you can do CE in any topic that pertains to an FNP scope of practice. If you are certified by ANCC they have a great tracking program on their site that helps you keep track of your CE. Medacape and PriMed have lots of great CE online and it's free and almost always ANCC and AANP approved. Congrats and good luck!

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    I think Zelda is being ridiculous. Experience does not trump evidence based practice! Things change and she should be open to that. It sounds like you are doing the best you can while still trying to keep a good working relationship. I have 7 years experience myself and yet I am still constantly reading and trying to keep up with the literature. I've precepted NP and PA students in the past and THEY would on occasion teach ME something b/c they are learning all the latest evidence based guidelines. You are never to old to learn and it is unfortunate for Zelda's patients that she is so closed minded...let's hope she doesn't hurt someone in the future.

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    Thanks for the reply. Fortunately my state board of nursing is very vague and doesn't actually list specific scopes of practice for each specialty. They do state that you need to practice within the scope outlined by whatever organization you are certified by which for me is ANCC. I think there is a lot of grey in ANCC wording too so I think I'm fine treating adult patients in primary care, just wanted some other opinions.

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    Hi everyone,
    I feel like I've seen this topic discussed briefly here and there but the topics always seem to center around FNPs or ANPs practicing in acute care instead of the other way around (ACNPs practicing in primary care). I'm a board certified ACNP with 7 years of experience in primary care (family practice for 2 years and then internal medicine for 5 years). I know some consider internal medicine a specialty clinic but in general it is simply primary care of patients with complex medical problems. I haven't worked for the past 3 years b/c I was at home with my kids and now I'm ready to get back to work. Even though I'm an ACNP I am of course looking for a job in an internal medicine clinic b/c that is where all my experience is! However now I just discovered the APRN Consensus Model and it's making me doubt my ability to practice in primary care, even if it's just primary care of the adult population. I know ACNPs in primary care is rare but this is what I did for 7 years!! Any ACNPs out there working in Internal Medicine or other adult primary care settings? I've been planning on getting a post-master's certificate for FNP in the future but I'd still like to get a job now too...