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  • Oct 13 '12

    Quote from lina_marcela07
    I'm very very confuse :S can some please help me out.. I got accepted into the nursing program just like you guys but i don't know what to do next.. What is the HSC certification and is it the same as the CAE? Where can I complete it? And I need this done before January 7, right?

    Look at your acceptance email, it says do all the HSC certifications( the cpr, dom violence, etc) BC wants you to take all these short classes with them. One hsc# has an option to be online aka the CAE#.....all this has to be done before jan. You should go see a counsiler.

  • Oct 2 '12

    Hi I'm a nursing student at North Campus. I know its stressful and nerve racking to see if you've been accepted. A word of advice if admissions say you'll know by the 15th you will know on the 15th and not a day before. Also if your not accepted don't. Worry they always do a second round of letters are sent out two weeks after the 15th. Many students either defer or decline their seats.
    When you do get accepted my best advice is buy th Perry and Potter fundamentals of Nursing book. Out of pocket don't wait for financial aid. Its a lot of reading in th program and if you can get a headstart then ready set go! It will be worth every dollar once you start! Exam 1 covers vital signs,health assessment,saftey,hygiene,documentation and nursing process! Told you its a lot! Get the book start reading you'll be glad you did!!!!! Another nugget of advice testing is not anything you've done before its all critical thinking! Do the review questions at the end of the chapters! good luck!!

  • Sep 26 '12

    I wouldn't want someone who was caring for me or my family to be under the influence of any drug. If you truly want to smoke weed or need to because it is all that will relieve anxiety and increase your appetite, you need to speak with your BON and your employer. If the need to smoke exceeds your need to be a nurse, perhaps getting a job that requires less critical thinking should be an option.

  • Sep 25 '12

    Do I look fat? No, but you look a little green between the ears and everywhere else.

  • Sep 25 '12

    Yes, I understand the label said to apply a liberal amount of medication cream but.....

  • Sep 24 '12

    New grad? Yep, I remember my first time. Just pretend it's avocado dip, sometimes that helps.

  • Sep 24 '12

    "so much for infection control"
    "first day on job.. very dedicated, indeed!"
    "i think you broke the suction machine..."
    "looks like you're in a very sticky situation, aint ya?"
    "dude, it's sept.. you're two mos ahead from halloween!"
    "have i told you he has a terrible cold?"

  • Sep 24 '12

    "First day huh? Welcome to the nursing profession"

  • Sep 24 '12

    "so , how would you describe the color and amount of your sinus drainage?"......

  • Sep 24 '12

    you're having a meltdown, mr. boogeyman.
    i'll notify the psych unit.


  • Sep 19 '12

    Ooh - time for another "My Mom Was An LVN" story...

    Would've been back in '81 or so - mom was getting ready to "go live" as an LVN, and needed a guinea pig (me) for venipuncture practice. So, at the time I'm in college studying Computer Science, 19 years old, selfconscious as all get out, surrounded by young, nubile student nurses, and my mother's using me as a practice dummy. Mom figured out that something was going wrong when the vein collapsed - she looked up, cut loose with a yelp and grabbed onto my arm. Sure enough, #2 son experienced a world-class case of syncope, and he was on a gravity assisted mission to the floor - mom's trying to slow my fall (which ain't working - I was about 200 and she was maybe 110-115) and ended up having to let go, followed by a "thunk".

    My recollection was that the room started swimming, and the next thing I remember is a male voice saying "He's coming around..." My response was a non-verbal "Oh S***..." - My eyes pop open, and I'm on the floor with 29 student nurses, 3 nursing instructors, 2 paramedics, and my mother, all staring down at me. Embarassed doesn't begin to describe it - mom thought she'd killed me, and passing out in front of nurses that you're trying to impress with your masculine savoir-faire doesn't really work too well, IIRC.

    Needless to say, the jokes about "Don't needle Dave..." continued almost to my mom's last days.

    ----- Dave

  • Sep 19 '12

    Part of what kept me from becoming a nurse much sooner than I did was the conviction that I could never ever give a shot (excuse me, an injection) to anyone. Then, for medical reasons, I had to learn to give myself injections. Was terrified, but quickly discovered that once you get used to it, it's pretty darned easy.

    In nursing school, we did practice on each other, using sterile normal saline (this was in 2007). We also practiced on oranges, and on fake skin that was supposed to be "lifelike" but was not. I'm glad my nursing program allowed us to practice on each other before setting us loose on patients. Once you've given a few injections, you'll find out that it's incredibly easy. And please, please, do not ever let anyone tell you that if you have doubts about your ability to give injections, you shouldn't be a nurse. Trust that if others can learn to do this, you can too.

    Good luck!