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  • Nov 28 '17

    Quote from kelkan83
    Can I ask you a couple questions? How long from when they verified your application to when you got in? Would you mind telling me what your GPA is and what your TEAS score is? I messed up when I was younger with my GPA. I have been working so hard to get it back up. My 3 year GPA is a 3.2 and my prereq is a 3.56 and my TEAS was a 75.3%. Trying to see if I am super far off on what I need to get in.
    I am currently in the program and my cumulative and prereq GPA is pretty similar to yours. My TEAS was around 81%. I think your chances of getting accepted is very good.

  • May 1 '17

    I was just notified that I have been accepted into the Fall 2017 ABSN program!!