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  • Feb 20

    Where I live, it's fairly easy to get a CNA job in LTCs. Most hospitals want at least 1 year of experience. There truly is a difference in skills and knowledge between the two, which is why they don't usually hire brand new CNAs.

  • Jan 6

    On your ATI homepage hit "go" under "Product Support Materials" in the gray box underneath the "my results." Hit the plus sign next to RN or PN Review Modules, click the year/edition, and it'll open up with med-surg, fundamentals, etc.

    This is assuming you have your ATI account and codes set up, and your school has given you access to the ebooks.

  • Dec 23 '17

    Quote from morte
    all you pro flu vaccine person, you do realize that OSHA doesn't feel that there is enough EVIDENCE to mandate, don't you?
    But this isn't the point here. If a clinical site for students requires the flu shot, you get the flu shot or you don't go to the clinical site. Arguing with the hospital or facility on the flu shot won't help the OP as a nursing student, they don't care if you are there or not.

  • Dec 23 '17

    Nurses jobs are to care for patients, and oftentimes they are sick with compromised immune systems and susceptible to things like influenza, even when a "carrier" hasn't shown signs/symptoms yet. It's becoming more and more mandatory because we are there to help patients and sometimes have to put them ahead of our own thoughts/feelings on relatively small things like a flu shot.

    And basically, the hospital cares more about preventing nosocomial infections than if you just don't want a flu shot for x, y, and z reasons. And remember, nursing school is competitive and there are many who are willing to get a flu shot to take your place.