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  • Dec 10 '12

    I've been here just over 10 years, and seen Allnurses go through a lot of changes. I was a moderator for almost six years and remember how we struggled sometimes to find the right balance between being too laid-back and too strict; now it's a non-issue---the expectations are very clear and the TOS enforced across the board. Speaking as both a Guide and a member, I'm very pleased with the way the current staff handle things. This is a big board that takes a LOT of maintenance, yet they manage it with relatively few people and the site is first class in every way. I don't know of any other nursing website that can match us in membership or reputation. Three cheers for AN!

  • Dec 10 '12

    I love this site. It helps me meet other people also in the process of becoming nurses. Together we can all become great nurses with tips and learning from other nurses.

    I want to be a great nurse!

  • Dec 10 '12

    I think the site has changed for the better. This site allows people to vent and Connect, but rudeness and other behaviors aren't tolerated. I like that, sometimes I have a hard time logging in, but issue isvalways taken carevof in a timely manner. Keep up the good work!