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    OMG, two days, that's usually orientation for travel nurses and they have years of experience.
    common sense two days is not enought to get a grip on all the paperwork and residents.

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    Your completely right no one cares about peoples religious views but we do care about always inflicting them on others, as to Lizzie you state that "She'b been told several dozen times she needed to pick up the pace"
    in other words this nurses were advise, told to improve but didn't improve so thereby end result is not a good fit .

    I was never given that opportunity. I am not a victim nor am I trying to make myself appear as one. All I wanted was an explanation not just the phrase" not a good fit" without anything else . Not a good fit will not help me growth as a person .

    If I was told "your too slow" pick up your pace. You have been warned then I know I have to correct the issue . I was never advise not a good fit without anything else is heartless, and plain gross .

    I am moving on is not the end of the world. I do wish they get a taste of their own medicine in their lifetime.

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    Is all about who you know. I hear Lousiana hires new grad , Brooklyn also hires new grads but is all about who you know.

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    Not a good fit is not a reason. As to state a reason that I don't understand . I'm not iliterate I'm a nurse just like you . That's the problem with nursing be honest be upfront .
    not a good fit could be anything, too fat? too young ? too old? too skinny? not blonde ?

    How can a mistake be corrected if your not told what the mistake is? How can you learn from not a good fit.

    I guess maybe I should had been like the nurse whom I heared calling a patient discussting and gross. She is still employed there, maybe that's the fit they want.

    Thank you for giving examples of nurses who were let go.
    Is sad a good nurse like livvie is let go for "not being fast enought" but if she was told she wasn't fast enought that is a good reason if speed is all a unit ones. Not a good fit means nothing without provinding objective data.

    Most of your examples besides lizzie are of nurses that I can see they were at fault especially if given the opportunity to change.

    I'm sorry to disagree with your point of views. As to state that each person whom is fired believe it was for no reason is putting the blame on them and on me. You where not there when it happened and I doubt you have ever been discriminate in your life.

    As to the born again christian , noone knew prior to hiring her of her religious views.

    I was born in Bangladesh . If you told me discrimination and hatred thrives in nursing I would had never believe you had it not happened to me.

    White privilege goes far. Some people in this world don't know what is to go hungry, to struggle to find a job. come from distructives home. God bless the good people in this world who help others.

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    I took the gallup nurse insight last week didn't hear back from the hospital. I read in another forum not to pick choices such as :
    strongly agree/ or strongly dissaggree stay neutral ,
    answer all questions , the test allows you only a few seconds if you don't answer
    it moves on .

    two questions I remember vividly where.
    1) How do you push people to get something done?
    2)Are you a person who likes to laught?

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    In NY you have to work for at least 6 months to collect unemployment.

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    I just took the test two days ago haven't heard anything from the Health care facility.

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    adding my 2 cents. I was terminated into my 8 week orientation. Hospital administrators, Managers, DON, ADN, they don't care they will fired you without a reason or the reason may be "your not a good fit" .

    As to the "Do not hire" list there is no guarantee you won't be added to that list at the end.
    Only thing I can tell you is follow your Instincts.

    best of luck and don't trust anyone in your unit keep to yourself if you decided to leave tell them someone came up . It is professional No. are managers playing fair, or professional .No

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    I was working at a Hospital Level I trauma.

    My experience left a bitter taste about the nursing profession but I won't let it shape me nor change me.

    It is sad that some of our nursing leaders DON, ADON, NM, ANM are nothing but vultures and rotten poisonous snakes.

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    Hi Pneumothorax

    Sorry for the late respond . I'm in BK and storm Sandy was just awful around here.
    I truly feel your pain as I didn't see it coming, sorry this als happened to you.

    I'm also looking for jobs applying everywhere.

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    I was seven weeks into my orientation at a busy hospital in Brooklyn and I was fired without a notice. I didn't even see it coming. I posted the thread about my experience. I know you don't want to burn your bridges but if your unhappy is just a matter of time before they(anyone) throws you under the bus.

    My advice would be to state .
    1.You have a personal matter and need to resign.
    or 2. Walk in egg shells protecting your back, do as your preceptor tells you and start looking for another job.

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    Hi kcmylorn

    Your statement , It's the meat and potatoes of what nursing is becoming.

    Nursing is the nation's largest health care profession but we have no political power, no persuasion , and now it seems we have become replaceable . Hospitals don't want to train new nurses and the nurses plus years of experience are been pushed out because they are making too much money.

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    Hi ecerrn

    Thanks for you input. Life experiences shape your life and this one is going to have a strong impact in mines. I can let it make me or break me. I will used it to make me.

    Courtesy in life goes a long way. It is a phoney catch phrase. I though because I was at a teaching hospital I was safe but I couldn't farthest from the truth.

    I'm not going to bash the hospital but new nurses who get hired at LICH please be careful when you do your orientation .

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    Thank you GrnTea

    I'm always open to constructive criticism. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.