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  • May 17 '13

    Quote from hherrn
    Since I am often away from my phone or out of cell range, it is quite normal for me to not answer, or call back in a timely fashion. And, I don't have caller ID, so I don't bother screening my calls.
    But, this line always ends the conversation, and eliminates any pressuring: "Gee, if it was only the Percocet I would consider coming in. But having washed it down with all that Jim Beam, I just don't think it's safe."

    Why, as you mention on another thread, nursing is a calling! If it really was such a 'calling' to you, you should keep your phone available at all times to rush in to work, and should definitely avoid any intoxicants that would make you unavailable to work on short notice!!

    Oh yeah, just in case: