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    Whoot whoot congrats!!!!

    Quote from snapdragon13
    I'm officially a nurse!!!! My license showed up on my state board of nursing 24 hours after taking the exam!!

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    Congrats to you mjg7801

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    UWorld is cheaper than Kaplan & u will learn a lot from their q-bank

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    I will send u an early congrats!!!

    Quote from umbdude
    So folks, I ended up taking the test earlier today (12pm). I got my ATT couple days ago and somehow I found a spot today. The test shut off at 75 questions and I got at least 30% SATA. I tried PVT an hour after the test and then again just now and it was a good pop-up. I've heard that people should wait 24 hours so I'll try again. Now I'm just waiting for quick results and hopefully I'll get good news.

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    Thank you & I know exactly how u feel..... U r in my prayers as well... I hope we all conquer this test & get us a step closer to where we want to be & what we want to do

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    It will be over soon

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    You did awesome...give yourself a pat on the back!!

    Quote from shesanurse
    Just did the simulation. It was stressful because of the time limit. I didn't even expect to get a 96%chance of passing because i was sooo in a hurry in answering. The simulation is hard like my mind went blank...

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    I started doing the questions I got wrong but I feel the same way you feel. So I made index cards of things that are a must ex: ppe putting on & removal, positioning.

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    @Ms Petite prayer & the good man above will see us through

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    Your going to like UWorld

    Quote from diamondee777
    I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to give your opinion
    I have decided to try Happy Nclex and Uworld


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    Yes you must put all credit card info in & hit submit.

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    Quote from loveofrn
    Its official my name is on the board of nursing

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    11 more days I feel so unprepared

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    $1850 seems a lil steep. How was the remar review I have been using UWorld exclusively & hopefully this will be my
    Last time as I'm a repeat tester as well.

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    @snapdragon I did not test yet.....check your bon to see if your name & license is posted...I know here in Fl ucan go to the mqa website 24 hrs after u test & it will indicate pass/fail & save u $8.... I'm positive u passed.