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  • Sep 6

    Awww thanks so much! You will make it. I didn't focus on my percentage. Just the rationales. Trust me UWORLD is identical to NCLEX. The first 4 times I got regular questions. This last time I knew I was hitting higher level questions because I started seeing drag and drops, pictures, etc. Just like UWORLD. Not just a few either. A good bit. Remember read the questions more than once. A simple word can change the priority of the question,or change an implement to an assessment. Just take your time. I always rushed,this last time I focused. You can do it. In my prayers!

  • Aug 2

    Quote from saldridge
    Whoot whoot Lulu RN!!!!
    Thanks Saldridge. Im counting on you like you counted on me... Im praying for you too. You can make it.

  • May 30

    I asked a similar question on this site, and one of tips someone posted was to focus on UNDERSTANDING the RATIONALES rather than trying to boost my percentage. My initial reaction was, "well duh. that helpful ." But now I get what he/she meant: Uworld's rationales are pretty damn good, and when you make an intentional effort to understand the rationales instead of boosting your percentages, you're more likely to retain more information.
    So, in short, I would say, as others have mentioned in various UWorld posts, don't focus so much on the Score, but the RATIONALES. My thinking is that if I comprehend the rationale, a higher score will follow.

  • Mar 28

    I would like to share my experience with taking the NCLEX-RN which I passed on my fourth attempt.

    i graduated January 2013 but didn't take my first attempt at the NCLEX until October 2013 after paying 400.00 and completing the Kaplan course. I failed with 265 questions.

    2nd attemp-June 2014; studied with Saunders; failed with 75 questions

    3rd attempt - April 2015. Did hurst review and the PDA BOOK; failed with 265 questions

    4th attempt- I took remar review online class, however I felt like it didn't work. I bought Kaplan strategies and practice exam book along with NCLEX RN EXAM CRAM. I read those two books entirely, did all the practice questions and 2-265 questions exams. I also did my test in a different state as I felt my home states exam testing center was not conducive to test taking. I went in with a clear mind and no anxiety. Took 5hoirs and 15 minutes to answer 265 questions. I came out calm, didn't do the PvT test; I waited for my results to come in the mail. Wednesday, one week after I took my exam on March 23, I found out that I passed my exam.


  • Mar 26

    I would like to thank anyone who has come to this post and given positive feedback and kind words of encouragement ! I came across a post about all of these " I failed NCLEX post" where the author is seemingly annoyed that we who have failed have publicly shared our expieriences........oh well. With that being said they say a hurt dog will holler, well I'm screaming! Lol , sharing a failure is not an easy thing to do it leaves you ass out and just plan vulnerable to the good, bad, and the ugly. I personally shared my story because I knew that I wasn't alone and no one wants to feel like they are the only one. My self and others I know do not have the " woe is me attitude" or want sympathy hell I just wanted to vent! I went to an excellent school and got good grades, hell it just wasn't my time anything worth having we must work hard for it. With that being said I will continue to Congradulate everyone who has passed, because I'm genuinely happy, but for those who didn't I have nothing but positive vibes and words of encouragement to give. Take care out there in Nurseland , 🤗

  • Jan 11


    I am also looking into starting the GN program at Baptist Medical In January of 2016. I submitted my application this morning and will be calling HR in the morning to get more details on the process.

    Looks like we will run into the same problem because like you, I am unable to register for NCLEX until December 15, 2015 which is after the application deadline. I am hoping that this does not push me back to the April start. I will inform you of any additional details that I find tomorrow.

  • Jun 24 '13

    I do not know if I should continue. I have been asking myself this since December. I just started the nursing program in January, but it is very hard to do it with being a mom. In December, my husband and I found out that some one in our family (lets called em' Devin) had molested another family member. We were devastated to say the least. I use to leave my daughter with the child molester's mother and Devin lived there too at the time. Thankfully, nothing happened to my daughter, but it could have. I am being vague about the whole story, but that is the gist of it. This last semester I left my daughter with my mother, but she will no longer be able to take care of her because of her health. Next semester, I have it planned to take my daughter to a daycare. I will not have a strong support system set up for my daughter when I am in school and that kills me. My husband helps a lot, but he works a lot. I would like to leave nursing school, have 2 more kids, and come back in about 10 years. I plan on moving to where I have more family support. I am 26-years-old. My other family members think that that that is a reckless idea because the "what ifs" of my husband losing his job and not being able to find another one. My husband and I are not worried about that because he is in the computer field and he has a lot of skills. But, then again, I am afraid of not being financially secure because I do not have a career. Any advice?