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  • Feb 13

    Quote from sianee
    I used YouTube
    Are you even paying attention to the advice you are getting?

    People are suggesting that you study in a classroom setting. A classroom setting. YouTube is independent study. UWorld is independent study.

    Someone like you, someone who failed repeatedly on one's own, should consider a class-room setting. A classroom~ setting.

  • Jan 28

    Honestly, if I could say some advice is nclex is a mental game HAVE to keep calm and focused. Answer the question how it pertains to what they're asking for...for example they might say a patient is prescribed for beta blocker after an MI what should they look out for ?...I mean yes you would look out for heir blood pressure and heart rate but the question might go after peripheral edema after an MI suggestive of heart failure. Nclex is weird in that way as both questions are right but which one are they asking for in the stem of their specific question? I think UWORLD did prepare me in a way ...maybe the questions were so broad I wasn't used to that that I kept getting the hardest questions after it.

    Belive in yourself and have faith. Relax and just remember it's just a test it's not the end of the world. That really helped calm my jitters. @saldridge you're next !!

  • Jan 18

    It just makes me happy seeing how many people are passing !! This thread is blessed .

  • Jan 14

    As evidenced:

    Romans 8:31
    What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

    Romans 8:33
    Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect?
    It is God that justifieth.

    ..not the computer-it will be justified within his timing. Happy studying.

  • Jan 14

    ITs official I am officially an RN . Thank you Jesus and thank you to each and everyone of your prayers and support. I will continue to pray for all of you taking the exam.

  • Jan 12

    Quote from saldridge
    yes i really think so...every time i did the trick it was right. Ok its pouring so pour up some wine &'m poraying that's a good sign for you.
    okay i am going to pour some now thank you

  • Jan 11

    Thanks girl! I appreciate it! I'm praying for ya'll too! Are yall just continuing questions today to prepare? I'm not even sure what to do from here...

  • Jan 10

    Quote from Ms Petite 93
    OMGG YAYYY!! CONGRATULATIONS. The PVT DEF works. You are now an RN. How was the test compared to Uworld ?? Was it easier than uworld or harder? I heard the Sata's were easier on the NCLEX. And what was the majority of your questions about. This really instills faith in me. Did you just use UWORLD? AGAIN, CONGRATULATIONS!!
    yes found out I passed for sure. NCLEX is easier that uworld. And I say easier because every topic that came up I remember covering that topic from u world. There was nothing I didn't see befor. The mess were different but other than that. Ya the Sata were soo much easier than uworld

  • Dec 23 '16

    This test is so nerve wrecking to study for and I'm testing in the 27th!! LOL. I'm scared because it's been a while since I've answered nclex style questions. I graduated recently but I was redoing a clinical on my last semester--no class. I dont want to overdo it..So im just gonna focus on two 75 question banks from UWORLD and work on my LaCharity for 2 hours. I wanna focus on reading the rationale and concepts...hoping they stick. I think another part of it is being positive and believing in yourslf---corny but true..gotta not doubt yourself when you answer those questions. i got a 52% from my Hurst and they require a 65 minimal so I got a ways to go. UWORLD is amazing ...amazing content and the questions kick butt!! Lets all try to take a chill pill on this journey, focus, do your best, and for my religious peeps PRAY

  • Dec 14 '16

    I will be taking it on January as well :-) it will be my 2nd time and I am little nervous but I know we all going to PASS.
    We are KILLING NCLEX on January 2017 . My 1st time was on Sept and only 3 weeks ago I was actually able to focus and start with the studying. It has been a hard time but with my family and prayers I was able to get back on it.
    1st time materials: NCSBN ,Saunders not complete,Some Kaplan, PDA, Mark Kl audios and UWORLD but left 700 Q .
    2nd time materials: UWORLD, Kaplan Premier Strategies Book, Mark Audio and some Saunders for weakest areas.

    Any advice that you guys can gime me I will appreciated. If I can help with anything also let me know lets stay focus and try our best I know we will PASS. PRAY PRAY PRAY God has a perfect plan for each of us :-)

  • Sep 6 '16

    Awww thanks so much! You will make it. I didn't focus on my percentage. Just the rationales. Trust me UWORLD is identical to NCLEX. The first 4 times I got regular questions. This last time I knew I was hitting higher level questions because I started seeing drag and drops, pictures, etc. Just like UWORLD. Not just a few either. A good bit. Remember read the questions more than once. A simple word can change the priority of the question,or change an implement to an assessment. Just take your time. I always rushed,this last time I focused. You can do it. In my prayers!

  • Aug 2 '16

    Quote from saldridge
    Whoot whoot Lulu RN!!!!
    Thanks Saldridge. Im counting on you like you counted on me... Im praying for you too. You can make it.

  • May 30 '16

    I asked a similar question on this site, and one of tips someone posted was to focus on UNDERSTANDING the RATIONALES rather than trying to boost my percentage. My initial reaction was, "well duh. that helpful ." But now I get what he/she meant: Uworld's rationales are pretty damn good, and when you make an intentional effort to understand the rationales instead of boosting your percentages, you're more likely to retain more information.
    So, in short, I would say, as others have mentioned in various UWorld posts, don't focus so much on the Score, but the RATIONALES. My thinking is that if I comprehend the rationale, a higher score will follow.

  • Mar 28 '16

    I would like to share my experience with taking the NCLEX-RN which I passed on my fourth attempt.

    i graduated January 2013 but didn't take my first attempt at the NCLEX until October 2013 after paying 400.00 and completing the Kaplan course. I failed with 265 questions.

    2nd attemp-June 2014; studied with Saunders; failed with 75 questions

    3rd attempt - April 2015. Did hurst review and the PDA BOOK; failed with 265 questions

    4th attempt- I took remar review online class, however I felt like it didn't work. I bought Kaplan strategies and practice exam book along with NCLEX RN EXAM CRAM. I read those two books entirely, did all the practice questions and 2-265 questions exams. I also did my test in a different state as I felt my home states exam testing center was not conducive to test taking. I went in with a clear mind and no anxiety. Took 5hoirs and 15 minutes to answer 265 questions. I came out calm, didn't do the PvT test; I waited for my results to come in the mail. Wednesday, one week after I took my exam on March 23, I found out that I passed my exam.


  • Mar 26 '16

    I would like to thank anyone who has come to this post and given positive feedback and kind words of encouragement ! I came across a post about all of these " I failed NCLEX post" where the author is seemingly annoyed that we who have failed have publicly shared our expieriences........oh well. With that being said they say a hurt dog will holler, well I'm screaming! Lol , sharing a failure is not an easy thing to do it leaves you ass out and just plan vulnerable to the good, bad, and the ugly. I personally shared my story because I knew that I wasn't alone and no one wants to feel like they are the only one. My self and others I know do not have the " woe is me attitude" or want sympathy hell I just wanted to vent! I went to an excellent school and got good grades, hell it just wasn't my time anything worth having we must work hard for it. With that being said I will continue to Congradulate everyone who has passed, because I'm genuinely happy, but for those who didn't I have nothing but positive vibes and words of encouragement to give. Take care out there in Nurseland , 🤗