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  • Feb 7

    Thank you for sharing. I was going to purchase Hurst because I thought the videos were outdated but since my sister let me use hers no need. I love Uworld it's been very helpful I hope & pray can come back in a cpl of weeks saying I passed

  • Jan 30

    No because I don't know how long it would be on back order all I have is Uworld & quick facts book....

  • Oct 31 '17

    Prayers coming your way. Stay positive & confident.

  • Oct 22 '17

    I heard Hurst is really good I myself have not used used it...I used Kaplan & Uworld and failed...stay positive you can & will conquer NCLEX...

  • Oct 18 '17

    Quote from nadu13
    Oh ok ... understandable ... hope all is well with you and your family ... keep us posted and good luck?
    I def will and thank u

  • Oct 18 '17

    Quote from nadu13
    Thank you Flnolegirl .... Did you take the NCLEX yet?
    Not yet I changes the date cuz I wasn't focused after the hurricane

  • Oct 18 '17

    Nadu13 congrats you conquered NCLEX

  • Oct 17 '17

    Congrats to everyone else who also passed

  • Sep 12 '17

    Quote from nadu13
    Well guys, its officially 30 days before my NCLEX date so from here on out I told myself no more social media (e.g, FB & IG) I'll be on all nurses during my work hours and after work all communications off .. I've also decided no TV and I think that's going to be the biggest hurdle for me but when you are determined you have to do things that make you uncomfortable to get the goals accomplished. Wishing everyone great success on the NCLEX ... Prayers going up for everyone whether you're going for RN or PN xoxoxo.

    Yes you will! I need to follow your strategy as far as social media. I have no power right now due to Irma so that won't be hard. We are in crunch time now!

  • Sep 3 '17
  • Sep 1 '17

    I have the PDA book let me know if u want it do u dnt have to buy it

  • Aug 29 '17

    Oh MIA I'm originally from Key West my hubby from MIA

  • Aug 29 '17

    Hi to all well I'm using Lippincott pass point hopefully this will help me pass. What is everybody else using? Nadu13 what part of Fl are you in me Jacksonville.

  • Aug 4 '17

    The end of January... I am using Remar quick facts, uworld, PDA & Saunders for my weakest of luck ladies I pray we all pass.

  • Jul 20 '17

    If I don't get a case I'll be forced to file bankruptcy