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    Have you tried finding a job in Missouri, they start new grads out @ $19 day shift, +$4 differential for nights and weekends, but weekend nights can make up to $27/hr, with increase in a year. plus they offer 75% off tuition. Try the University of Missouri Health care in Columbia.

    The cost of living is lower than north dakota, 1 bedroom apt goes for like $400.

    This is a better option compared to North dakota

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    Congratulations. The message from Joel Osteen was inspirational, i had to change the way i pray. so glad it worked for you.

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    Hi guys,

    I have an interview coming up with a nurse recruiter for the new grad program at University of Missouri health system. was wondering if anyone has an idea of what questions will be asked, or any tips.

    Any advice will be greatly apreciated. This is my first new grad program interview and i'm nervous

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    Quote from AZMOMO2
    Does Trinity offer relocation package? For example before you get there upfront? I have looked at moving to Fargo which is 3 hours away or Bismark... but hubby is not going to be working and is going to be my driver with 4 wheel drive if needed.. because they have really cheap housing there and plenty of it.
    I thought about that idea, but when it snows a 3 hr drive won't be fun. they offer $1000 relocation bonus. I found an apartment on craigslist, need to fly over there to check it out, but the flight ticket is $750. I spoke to someone who said its a brand new apartment (which is a good thing).

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    I tried checking on Craigslist, and its so expensive to rent houses alone, cuz all my income would just go to rent which is so not worth it. 1 more month to keep trying

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    Quote from centrumplus
    Can anyone please share some info about housing in minot? My manager wants me to be there by end of october and I just can't find a housing!!!!! Please help....
    You can postpone it, if you can't find housing. i was supposed to start this month, but i called and told them i couldn't find housing and asked if i could start Nov, and they said yes. I still can't find housing though - thinking of giving up if i can;t find housing.

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    I am interested in the RN position, can you pm me with the info. i'm not able to pm yet cuz of the 15 posts rule. email:

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    took about a week and half to get an interview and then a week for an offer. i'm from california too, i've tried calling apartments and all i hear is we are filled.

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    I was offered $21.25, with $1000 relocation and $3000 sign on bonus

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    Yeah i'm a new grad rn, its for med-surg. Yeah they do offer relocation and sign on bonuses

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    Thanks for the info.

    I'm married with a daughter, if i can find good housing then i will move with my family, otherwise i gotta go alone (which really sucks) but you gotta do what you gotta do. I still have a pending offer with trinity in minot, only if i can find housing.

    goodluck with the job search

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    Hi AZMOMO2

    i was wondering what hospitals in the fargo area are hiring. i'm looking to move as long as i can find housing, unlike trinity @ minot.


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    Hey Denise,

    I also got an offer but had to postponed it due to housing issue.