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    The policy in my hospital is we float after 3 months off orientation, regardless if you are an experienced nurse or a new grad. We float within our community as well. We also are lucky enough to have a float pool; they float the numerous medsurg floors and others bounce around the hospital helping with admissions or if they are not too busy they can be pulled and float the floors to just help out. I've never heard of medsurg or tele nurses floating to the ICU, CCICU, Neuro ICU or IMC. They float within their community.

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    Luckily I have never bought a package from MEDCEU, but I've subscribed to the mailing list a few years back .... and I have been trying to unsubscribe from it ever since. I get about 2 emails a day from them, its infuriating! There is noway to contact anyone from the company. I've tried, and tried .. The unsubscribe button must mean "send me more emails!" because it has done nothing! The site is a scam!

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    Gabapentin absorption: effect of mixing wit... [Ann Pharmacother. 1998] - PubMed - NCBI


    Opening and mixing the contents of gabapentin capsules does not significantly impair drug absorption. This may be a viable administration option for patients who are unable to swallow intact capsules. Dietary macronutrient composition (i.e., protein) may favorably influence gabapentin oral absorption.

    If you still feel uneasy about mixing it in applesauce, explain the situation to the doc and suggest that he change it to a liquid form.

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    med/onc 32 private rooms, days 4-6 with 3 pcas & nights 8-10 with 2 pcas

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    My first job was at a LTC facility, I wound up leaving after two months because I just couldn't physically and mentally handle 30 pts as a new nurse. I went to a MedSurg floor and have been bouncing around different MedSurg units ever since. I love it! I have so much respect for LTC nurses, especially the night nurses (60 to 1) .... Im on med-onc right now and some nights I have 10, those nights are nuts. I could not imagine having 60 sub-acute & confused patients